Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Planned Satanhood: Hunting the Afroid Ghetto for Reason


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following some will find repulsive for the conversation, but I know the cannibalization of human children for elixirs.

What you must understand in this, is there are conversations. That is what the Cherrystone File is, a conversation.

What there is, is a world in which power has been handed down as a religion. A religion which provides power and wealth, beyond your dreams. It is a religion which promises one day for those who have been enlightened by this thought, that they will become immortals, without God, as they will be like gods, and all that it requires is accepting all the treasures offered, and simply obtaining a little hill in the Mideast, building a Temple on it, and this will bring back the "full of beauty and wisdom" in who has been supplying them all their scientific advances for centuries in the hidden knowledge.

This is more than sacrifices to Molech for power curves in energies of young children burned alive. This is the essence of all that is and was. This is the false tree of life and bringing it to be in the Sacred Geometry and the Photonic Physics.......to getting there in the blood fountain of youth.

You are what you eat.

The old become young, by consuming the young. No not in a literal diet, but in the elixirs as the frequencies renew that which has aged.

I have  been writing about this from the beginning. Why the lords and the priests now no longer age and are getting younger. This is the temporary gateway to what the tree promises them.

This is not about renewing that which has been said, but it is about those aborted babies. How the Obama regime was in place, promoting the very Planned Parenthood evolution of not just cropping children, but harvesting children for their tissues.

That is the obvious, but it the conversations which you have not considered.

The majority of those babies aborted are Negroid. Planned Parenthood operates those clinics in African American communities in America. Do you ever wonder why the illuminated ones are after that black gold in drilling there?

It is a market. Some get fillet, some get roast and most get hamburger.

Not all beef is the same. Not all beef is Hereford steak. Most is some kind of low grade import. See you do not pay attention to the Jewish rabbis who tell you that the best parchment comes from the United States and the Americas. There is something in those soils, just like God had the breeding program from Adam to Abraham, to Jacob and his sons, and those 13 tribes, had that Spiritual gene resonating in their DNA which is the arc that ignites in the Holy Ghost to make them children of God.

There are only so many of them white babies with that Spiritual elixir to go around. The lords feed upon them, while they tell the lower ranks that all the dining is good, as there is only so much to go around, with the Asians feeding on their own kind.

The apothacarians know this and if they glean not to those who rank the choice morsels, all would be an end for them.

A little bit of fillet does not go a long way, but allot of dead black babies fills the ranks to keep them at bay.

It is well understood that the lords would not be caught dead with those nigger things in their DNA.

It is pecking order in dark spiritual nature. The elite like satan does not have room for others like it. The prime cut are those Americans and the other Christian tribes. The rest resonate an inferior type.

That is the Cherrystone Files in what was heard. This is the understanding. They hunt the Afroid ghettos for reason.

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