Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lenin, Mao and now Jimmy Carter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes Lame Cherry was correct again that when cancer goes to the soft tissue, it is in the brain, and now Jimmy Carter has it in the fat matter of his skull. Sure he is  taking emergency radiation, but it appears unlike David Rockefeller at 300 years old getting his 6th heart transplant, that Jimmy is not going to be sucking on any Planned Parenthood fetal fluids to keep him around like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I have compassion for ex President Jimmy, and have written of this in it being necessary for him to outlive Obama who would ride around on his casket stealing the show at the funeral Carter lusts for.
As like Teddy Kennedy, supporting Obama, went tits up early, we now have Jimmy Carter in a position of going peanuts up, and this means that Carter will have his death ruined, with no second chances.

So to help the 90 year old Carters, the Lame Cherry suggests this, as Carter has been cut off from the life giving liberal fluids of dead babies from Planned Parenthood.

The Lame Cherry weighs this as this, Carter has two chances now and here is what Jimmy Carter must do.

Carter must come out and support Donald Trump as President. Mr. Trump will treat dead Jimmy with respect. The problem is though we have to get Jimmy to 2017 in January, and that does not look like a landing zone which he will make.

Jimmy Carter must now make a splash. He must start revealing all the dirt on everything he knows about the elite. Not mudslinging at Reagan, but the sexy stuff on UFO's, his cronies who have been raping the world, what a foreigner Obama know National Enquirer stuff that Americans want to he did at Aspen in stating Obama was the worst anything in history.......not like they can kill Jimmy twice with cancer fry now can they.

So this is the deal. I offer that Jimmy Carter goes on life support, so no matter if another Archer Operation goes rogue on him, he will still be alive like Ariel Sharon. I figure that Jimmy might get through to October 2016, without being too soupy goo like Hugo Chavez who was rotting in the bed in being kept alive.......just turn the room temp down to 50 and Carter should  keep like a frog in the muck over winter.

Preparing for the decomposing Carter, we have on hand, that Jimmy dies early.....before Donald Trump reaches office in January, but have no fear, as the Russian did a great mummy job on Lenin and the Chicoms still got skin machet Mao on display too. That is the thing.......when Carter goes flat line, just load him up in some Saudi paid for plane, dump him in the curators of Moscow and let them have at him in Moscow for three know putting on the laquer and things, and then when Donald Trump is President, just schedule a nice week long Carter return to America that all can enjoy. Let the embalmee lay in state in several places.........Jerusalem, Mecca, Paris as them French like having sex with corpses, and London........then swing him around to America, maybe like Mexico City, and then fly the corpse to like San Gaycisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, New York and then DC.
Leave Carter lay in state in the Rotunda for a few days, have a nice service at the National Cathdedral, and then fly him and Roselyn back to Georgia, where he can have a nice military burial........Navy jet fly over and Jimmy propped up on display. Be a great tourist attraction.........Lenin, Mao and Carter, sort of like the pilgrimage of the left that all must complete before the cartel consumes them.

I am sincere in this to the legacy of Jimmy Carter. His feeble brain is now not capable of the big decisions, and offering this help will of course provide him with a death he has always dreamed of.

Oh, and maybe he could work in some kind of nuclear sub thing, as he was  sub commander in the Carter on the display of the USS CARTER deck steaming up the Potomac. Now would that not be cool eh?

Everyone would tune into see that.......lift him off to Marine One........people like helicopters and then off to the Rotunda......then the big parade out of DC...more helo and a jet flight off to Georgia.

This is what Jimmy Carter needs to do to save his legacy, as Obama is going to ruin it. The Bush and Clinton folks hate him........and all he has hope for is Donald Trump as President, to make sure Jimmy is remembered as Jimmy remembers things....not reality, but we just create reality and that is all that matters.