Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Lame Cherry Policy

As a matter of Lame Cherry exclusive public record.

As a privilege in all were welcome to come to Facebook and be able to friend me, I allowed this intercourse, but in all things, there are always a few brats with pathetic lives who choose to snipe at me to make up for what worthless culls they are in being angry over their failures, and as their good parents did not have the sense to drown them at birth, measures must be undertaken to deal with these assaults.

Scripture has an example of Job. His "friends" appeared and blamed him when he was suffering, for all of the sins they were guilty of. God had a Judgment in this, in these culls were to pay a fine. So the Lame Cherry court fines each of these criminals who I have blocked 50,000 dollars and this will pardon you.
The same is for the "LIKE" she'lings who are always too timid to say anything, but once some kitty claws into me, they are ready to dig their nails in too. Same crime for them and same block and fine, for a pardon.

The pardon will allow for a one time reprieve and if a second incident of misbehavior occurs, it will be permanent as their sins.

Oh in this, their sins against God's work here, this blog and myself, are bound in Jesus Name for Judgment. Jesus can decide when those books are open what their sentence will be then, as it is part of the employment feature in working for God, touch the Lord's Anointed and you touch God.

This is the new Lame Cherry policy. I could have just closed Facebook in having enough of being stalked and harrassed by tools of satan, which would penalize all, but I am not a Legionaire burning down whole villages due to one dumb ass in the hut.

There will be a public confession on their part, and then it will be a matter settled.

The reality is, these are deadbeats. They expect poor people or a few donors to carry the load here. I am literally up at 7 most mornings and working past midnight most nights. I am tired, worn out, and worn thin. It gets old in these bratty deadbeats sniping at me in trying to deal with their unaccomplished existences, while the stress is taking it's toll on this human form, and I do not have time to do the things I enjoy in more things to keep you alive in teaching you the old ways.
People who have high speed internet. People who are residing in foreign countries. People who have time to waste in verbally sniping at me, have the money to donate and do not. They are deadbeats and I will not condone rude misbehavior in any one as too much is at stake in this.

So that is the mandate: When you offend me, immediate sentence is issued with sins bound in Jesus Name. Fine is 50,000, a sincere apology, a public confession which I deem acceptable of what a tool of satan you are, and then in this reprieve you exist until being a miscreant again, which no donation, apology nor confession will be accepted.

You will not be allowed to impose on my good nature.

I have warned the dense of mind, that this is not a game, and I am not some benevolent dictator. I follow God's example of being austere, stern and harsh. You are not going to get to steal the Lame Cherry information and then slap me around.

I am not here to inherit the problem of your shiftless parents sparing the rod on you.

Sealed in Jesus Name Amen and Amen