Monday, August 31, 2015

Limbaugh's Grassy Knoll


As another Lame Cherry in matter anti matter.

A friend of this blog asked me about a World Net Daily post which quoted mic tease Rush Limbaugh over a political assassination conspiracy to be unleashed by the GOP.

I answered in this quote:

Limbaugh hinted at this last week with a caller. He asked "if there was any scandal" which would change his mind on voting for Trump. 

The reality is that leftist Ben Carson is the first test ground in this in the media blitz in Iowa. They deliberately chose a black man in this GOP test case to inflame racism which the Obama regime is stoking. What infuriates me in all of this is Limbaugh knows what his script writers are telling him about what the GOP playbook is, and that blovenous tool is not warning Americans so this can be headed off. It is all interconnected and Rush whispering his dick suck of what he knows is standard in playing coy. 

All we can do just not let the voters be led astray and pound the living hell out of these Gay Olde Party traitors. 

Milton Friedman always said all it takes is a few good people to make the not so good people do what is right. In this, Rush Limbaugh is the bastard who knew about the Grassy Knoll and only said that was a bad place for Kennedy to drive by. Thank you Guy for this, I am going to post this on the blog to alert people. It is hard enough to do what I do without these Limbaugh keyboard pansies pissing it up looking cute for ratings. This is America's last chance and all Limbaugh can do is enable the traitors.

Just think if Paul Revere had pulled what Limbaugh did? What if Revere just stayed home and did not make his epic ride, but whispered over an ale, that "Well I know the British have something planned to take down America, but I am just going to sit here and get pissed."

If someone had stood up and not been a Limbaugh, there never would have been a dead John Kennedy. There never would have been a worthless John McCain if that damn Romney Rovian conspiracy had been exposed to destroy Conservative Fred Thompson in calling his wife a pole dancer in degrading her.

I need all of you, whether you are going to vote for Donald  Trump or not, to not feed into this coming political assassination of Mr. Trump by the McConnell, Boehner and Jebcaver billionaire fags. I am asking each of you to instead of being led on some wild rush again, to point out that you are not going to be suckered by these traitors and to STATE WHEN DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT HE IS GOING TO THROW THESE TRAITORS INTO PRISON WHERE THEY BELONG.

I told all of you that this is about stopping Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton first. Because if we do not stop them you are all dead......and if Donald Trump is stopped, I promise you that your candidate is not going to be match for the Bush or Clinton machine, and chances are your candidate if it is a fraud like Carly Fiorina and Ben Carlson, is nothing but Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton in a GOP leftist suit.

What I am telling you is this, you either fight this now, or you will be scattered and picked off by SWAT in the coming years or by drones. I warned you that this has just started and the covert operations have yet to be unleashed, as the traitors behind this want Hillary or Jeb, and that is Obama's 3rd Term.

The only thing I would warn Donald Trump over is your security had better screen those crowds you are taking selfies with, as if what is coming fails or is stopped in being outed here now, this group will resort to assassination again, as they did against Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

God keep you safe Donald Trump to be an instrument of the Lord's Will done in Jesus Name amen and Amen.