Monday, August 31, 2015

CARSONGATE: Monmouth Polling Fraud in Iowa


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I do not know how long I will be doing this, as Facebook has been terrorizing me and shutting me down there from posting. I am going to address something though about this latest bullshit about Ben Carson "surging" and equal now with Donald  Trump.

Equal my ass as that poll has a 4.8 percent margin for error. Meaning Ben Carson is 5 points behind Donald Trump.

I will let you in on a little bit of information in this, in no one is stating who in paying for these massive and extensive Monmouth polls in Iowa. No one has bothered to make it known this fact about Ben Carson:

  •  Ben Carson since the FOX Debacle which pitched softball questions at him while Megyn  Kelly was trying to castrate Donald Trump, has been pouring huge amounts of money ads into Iowa to sway the public. Carson is outspending everyone there, so it is 24/7 commercials glorifying this fraud Ben Carson.

I judge Ben Carson a fraud as he is in bed with black leftists Julian Bond and Al Sharpton.

Carson is for using baby tissue from Planned it is already dead. That kind of crap did not work at Nuremberg with the Nazis.

Carson said that Easter was about acceptance and not about Christ's Resurrection.

Carson also says that it is fine to break the rules as long as no one is hurt by it.

Ben Carson is for Jeb Bush's Common Core.

Those points alone prove that Carson is a fraud and a master manipulator as the Iowa polling data shows.

I give you an example of this in after Gulf War I. President HW. Bush had tremendous poll ratings, but in December of that year, CBS led the propaganda media on a crusade to destroy George H. W. Bush. for a month they pounded Bush, ran stories of how bad the economy was..........(that economy was surging compared to .5 growth Obama Global Depression), and after 30 days of that, CBS did a poll and it showed George H. W. Bush's numbers had fallen.

The media used that data to drop HW's numbers further in focusing on that.

That is how polling and propaganda cause surges in the idiot public.

You hear little of Donald Trump's 63% approval rating in Iowa. You though are inundated now in this Insider GOP establishment polling trumpeting Ben Carson.

This is one of Monmouths polls and it shows something of how the "polling" is skewed.

"I know the 2016 election is far away, but who would you support for the Republican nomination for president if the candidates were [see below]?" Options rotated
    7/30 -
7/9-12/15 6/11-14/15 3/30 -
    % % % %  
Donald Trump
26 13 2 7  
Jeb Bush
12 15 9 13  
Scott Walker
11 7 10 11  
Ted Cruz
6 9 5 11  
Mike Huckabee
6 7 8 9  
Ben Carson
5 6 11 7  
Chris Christie
4 2 4 5  
Rand Paul
4 6 6 6  
Marco Rubio
4 6 9 5  
John Kasich
3 1 1 1  
Carly Fiorina
2 1 2 1  
Rick Perry
2 2 4 5  
Bobby Jindal
1 2 1 1  
Rick Santorum
1 2 3 1  
Lindsey Graham
1 - 2 1  
George Pataki
- - 0 0  
Jim Gilmore
0 0 n/a n/a  
Other (vol.)
0 0 0 1  
No one (vol.)
1 1 2 2  
10 18 20 14  
John Bolton
n/a n/a n/a 0

You might notice that the names are "rotated". Rotated is a matter of more than random chance.  Monmouth is a "christian" university, which is funded by the globalists as all education is. You might remember that Donald Trump was hammered on his "not asking God for repentance", so what do you think Monmouth will be doing in having an inflection in their voices, for or against Donald Trump or the "confessing" Ben Carson who calls everyone God's children, even those who condemn Christ and mock His followers.

The point of the Ben Carson Monmouth poll is when you have one Carson running non stop ads about what a messiah he is, the public will glom onto him, who are not Trump supporters, as other candidates are gleaned from. This is the end of August poll from Monmouth.

Trump 23, Carson 23, Walker 7, Cruz 9, Fiorina 10, Rubio 4, Bush 5, Huckabee 2, Paul 3, Kasich 4, Christie 1, Jindal 1, Santorum 2, Perry 1, Graham 0

As you will notice, this poll now has Trump eroded 3 points, Carson up 18 points, Walker down 4, Cruz up 3, Fiorina up 8, Rubio steady, Bush plunging, Huckabee and the rest stagnant.

If you have not heard in this, Jeb Bush is the story in this, in he plunged 7 points. Nothing is said of the woman Fiorina up 8 points, but it is all about the black man connected to the left establishment gaining. I can promise you anyone getting those kinds of funds that Carson dumped into Iowa from direct mailings he hired for his super pac would be up 20 points and if Donald Trump had spent this much he would be up 40.

Let me give you another shazam here in a poll.

Trump 23, Carson 18, Walker 8, Cruz 8, Fiorina 5, Rubio 6, Bush 6, Huckabee 4, Paul 4, Kasich 2, Christie 2, Jindal 2, Santorum 1, Perry 1, Graham 0

Notice anything about the numbers?

Why Carson is down 5 points.

Let me explain something in how ALL OF YOU have been led around by the Monmouth Ben Carson polling. The above poll showing Ben Carson down 5 points was on Sunday August 30th.
The poll being featured in the media by magical design as if it appeared on cue showing Carson equal with Donald Trump appeared on August 31st.


If you want the reality, Ben Carson's numbers are probably in that 5 point margin of error down around 13% and Donald Trumps are around 29 plus.

All of you have been manipulated and you did not check the facts, as I did to discover what was the case, as I knew this was a bullshit poll. Monmouth just was exposed in a fraud, linked to all the gotcha media and to the GOP political assassins, and their poster boy for it, is none other than this fraud Ben Carson.

Ben Carson was just involved in a felony conspiracy with the GOP leadership using Monmouth University to illegally influence the 2016 Presidential elections.

Now you know the rest of the REAL story.