Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Louis Farrakhan's 1 in 10,000 Vester Flannigans


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After an entire day of nothing but lemmings moving in herd over the shooting of  Alison Parker and Adam Ward as if it meant something, it is once again time for Lame Cherry to explain the situation.

You must understand I do enjoy Sean Homo Hannity wrapped in Depends in being scared shitless in hoping this does not spread in thousands of shooters finally getting rid of all these media manipulators, but it is over the limit when Hannity starts calling Vester Flannigan evil.

Vester Flannigan is a product of Jesuit Latin Liberation, the same ideology which Bill Ayers and the Weathermen were involved in that puts communists into control of Latin nations and was picked up by Jeremiah Wright types and promoted by Birther Hussein Obama Chin in Black Liberation, which is getting all these Afroids killed from Treyvon Martin to the Ferguson Giant. They hear Kayne West mouthing off about George Bush hating white people and Obama jigging around like a Nig as they f*ck Asian chics with big asses, and they buy all the affirmative action bullshit and affirmative action becomes a Smith & Wesson slide action in 40 caliber busting caps.

As people are still caught up in the gun smoke and the dust has not settled, they can not see. They can not see what they all know, this is the media which is racist, bigoted and hates Christians and Coons. Do you think this Alison Blondarker was hired for being good at anything? She was hired because she is a baby face masturbation fuck for perverts in the morning from lesbians to guys who can't get dates. That is what women are hired for and fat white boy cameramen are hired for to follow the skirts around.
Add a Nig into this who buys Obama Jarrett black liberation and they think they are on equal footing. Hell minorities are hired to make appearances to show liberals are all what they claim to be. The fact is station managers and station owners can't make money off of anything but pasty white, so a Nig is just around to keep up the illusion that we all should keep a Nig around like Designer Obama.

Typically, no one brought up that Louis Farrakhan just called for 10,000 of these Vesters to go out and start killing their nemesis. Vester was just answering the call of the wild. Obama had coons wilding in Wisconsin and wilding in Baltimore and wilding in Ferguson. Of course, some middle aged guy who has been f*cked over by life, and come to realize it is all a lie, is going to go off and make himself star of a video capping the ho  who got the life he worked for.

There is a reason Vester Flannigan shot that blonde and that cameraman, and did not go postal on the Station Manager. Homo Hannity was lamenting how wonderful these two dead liberals were........and yes odds are they were dripping liberals who liked sodomy, baby butchering Planned Parenthood and hated everything from Sarah Palin to Donald Trump to you and your guns........but I can find one black man who did not think that Alison Parker was such a peach as she triggered something in him which ruined his life.
It could be she got the job Flannigan thought he should have, it could be this was the Station Managers piece of ass which Flannigan knew he could hurt that station worse in capping.......we don't know really anything because everything about Vester Flannigan has been censored and shut down by the "free press" as Flannigan was reporting something the Obama puppy press does not like.

So for those weepy eyed over this, America got exactly what it constructed. Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin protected Obama from arrest so these ignorant Nigs thought they were kings and it was all going to be handed to them like Obama. The reality is odds are 2 liberal media propagandists who hate America and were auditioning to be the next Megyn Kelly were killed today........or was it murdered when it comes to a black revolution in capping traitors. Then add in a Chamber of Commerce traitor who has been importing Mexican slaves and relegating Afroids to genocide with Obama support, as Whites are next on the genocide list, and someone with understanding begins thinking, Vester Flannigan........yes what did Vester Flannigan really do.

Vester Flannigan was 1 of 10,000 in Louis Farrakhan's call for liberation in attacking those at war with black folks. If you do the math of two liberals in media and 1 liberal in commerce were taken down, and that means on those numbers, there are only 19,998 propagandists and 9999 commerce types to go.

Do you think America would change if the types that Vester Flannigan targeted were wetting themselves? It certainly had Sean Homo Hannity pissing his pants and Rush Limbaugh calling out HANDS UP in he surrendered today in they got the message.

That is the reality of this in what kind of America would Donald Trump inherit if 9999 other Vester Flannigan's answer Louis Farrakhan's summons for blacks to be loyal to Negroidism.

The entire situation of Vester Flannigan is the product of Obama Culturalism. Two weeks ago this black man was looking for redress and instead of being listened to, and given proper legal channels to file protests, he instead was like Chris Dorner, shown the door.......yes Vester Flannigan was humiliated in the police removed him from the television station.

People who have been betrayed. People who have been humiliated. People who have no opportunity to retain their dignity, take up a weapon and strike back. As the Obama media was not going to give him his stage and the Obama justice department was not going to protect him, all Vester Flannigan had was to create his own stardom and redress.

You might notice that Vester Flannigan never gunned down the police when he was stopped. He never shot anyone in public he came across in some "hate whitey" vendetta. No he made the point he had to make as a black man, and then he turned the gun on himself as he knew nothing else was left as his life was over.

“Why did I do it?” the fax read. “I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15.
“What sent me over the top was the church shooting.
“As for Dylann Roof? … You want a race war … ? BRING IT THEN.”

And who came out and stoked those fires but image Obama and Joe Biden, and using the Charleston shooting execution of an Obama competitive black to tear down that American Flag for one more Obama legacy notch like Cuba diplomatic relations.

So you have a staged Carolina event, secular Muslim image Obama and Black Mooselum Louis Farrakhan stoked it and Vester Flannigan answered the call in unleashing on the world he knew was his enemy.
Certainly there are random event Nigs, but this Farrakhan army is going to hit what is destroying them, so White Conservatives are as safe as in their mum's arms, as it is these liberals who are pissing on these coons and turning them into militants.

WDBJ General Manager called these shootings senseless. That is either ignorant, propaganda or a damned lie. These shootings make perfect sense to black men who have seen their jobs disappear by women entering the work force, then had Obama replacing them with Mexicans. People who have nothing but welfare and crime, and then try to rise up believing the lie that education will equalize it all, have that taken from them, are just going to go postal as they have nothing left to live for.

Cornell West has Black Lives Matter, and they do. It is militancy now in America unleashed by the Obama betrayal of Afroids. This Farrakhan's army and if it repeats itself it is going to set a reckoning in America on the left in all their corporatist feudal lords and minions.

That is what the shooting in Virginia is........time to post this and have everyone catch up to the Lame Cherry tonight, as I see that the reports are coming in that Vester Flannigan has those Farrakhan links.

Lame Cherry will be proven right again in the not too distant future.

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