Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Animal Madison


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have not addressed the people going to hell who are on Ashley Madison, as they are all going to hell in being literal fornicators and adulterers, who God says will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, because I never clicked on the stories and none of it interested me.

That has changed, as I read a whining letter from and adulterer. She has a husband with cancer, and is staying with him in being civil in front of the children, but then lets this bomb drop in, "I can not discuss my sexual needs with him, because he starts crying and says he is dying."

I mean who in this world does not show up at the hospital and start unloading on cancer patients in how they are not putting in enough time to sexually serve others. I mean how dare they think about having cancer and being sick. I mean pop a f*cking Viagra in and use your last bit of healing energy to ejaculate as that is what is really important.

This "wife" apparently has a morality clause in her work contract, and is worried like so many of these sinners now that they will be castigated by fellow employees and fired from their jobs. I mean who cares about God in knowing this stuff, as this is about a woman who is torturing her cancer riddled husband and what is important is her job damn it!!!!!!!

What is worse in this, is there is this columnist enabler spouting the old Phil Donahue line of what goes on behind closed doors in nobody's business...........

OK, let us examine that in all this behind closed doors stuff. America has had to spend billions of dollars on AIDS. America is spending billions on sex disease treatments for these fornicators and adulterers. This is not about behind closed doors when they are opening our bank accounts and demanding our  tax money for their f*cking around.

Let us examine this from the base in this "wife's'" home or brothel. She has 3 kids, one with special needs. We are already footing part of the bill for that kid. What happens when she goes off and meets Dexter and he chops her up, hubby croaks from cancer? Hell we will be stuck raising all three of these kids, all by what she is going behind closed doors.

I mean how the hell hard is it, to sit down with a spouse WHO YOU PROMISE TO LOVE HONOR AND CHERISH UNTIL DEATH..........THROUGH SICKNESS AND HEALTH.....not sucking and hard ons, to be compassionate and help them take all the stress off, so they can recover fully?
Is it that hard to listen to someone who thought enough of your snatch to impregnate you three times, pay for all that misery, your pissy PMS lasting two weeks before your period and two weeks after, and not be obsessed in how you can get a cock in you and get off?

I do have a cure for men and women like is called work. It is an amazing thing if people have to do real labor, like push mowing lawns, mopping floors.....spading gardens how that sex drive just disappears and you fall asleep at 7 and do not wake up until the alarm jolts you at 6 in the morning.
No it is just easier to use a work computer, screwing your employer over like your spouse and your family, than getting off your ass and being moral.

Marriage is something that you have to work at every day. Marriage is something about keeping your mouth shut every day. Marriage is something about doing things for the other person and not keeping a tally. Marriage is about TRUST and the Holy Ghost. Marriage is about loving someone when they sometimes do not love themselves and loving them through all the situations of life.

I invested enough time studying the trolls on all of these sex sites. They are all liars. They are all looking for one more thrill to put a narcotic edge on things again. They are all vacuous inside, and once they burn a callous on their genitals.......every last one of them is so numb inside and so disgusted with the trash they are, that they never go back to it again.

Ashley Madison is for cheaters. Cheaters are disgusting low lifes who get off on conquest. As one fat little bald guy was unceremoniously told by his hot blonde co worker he was cheating with in thinking he was something great, "Hey guy, if it was not you, then it would be someone else".

Sinners find a thousand excuses to make their sin reasonable. God has one reason to send them to hell which is their choice.

I know what I would like to write about a Kenny Rogers song about Ruby, but I will not. It is though the absolute depravity of Americans across the board now. A "wife" who has three children, one special needs, and a husband dying of cancer, and her one thought is how to get a dick shoved up her cunt.

That is what these things are. The site should be called Animal Madison and not Ashley Madison..........and all of you girls know what stinking crotches these hot crotches all have and how appealing that is, along with the crusty stuff on the dicks which peels off on these cocks fornicating with them.

Yeah that is the stuff that dreams are made of, nightmares it is. Nightmares it is.

This trash is making life hell on earth for everyone in bankrupting America and enticing idiots to destroy marriages. They deserve hell and it is too bad the wife is not rotting with cancer and on her way to hell allot earlier than this husband.