Saturday, August 15, 2015

Moon Shot


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I upset someone with a cryptic comment about "the fake moon landing" to the point they donated to the blog in order to write a note stating they hoped I was joking as they knew the moon landing was real.
The girl in me now wants to say, "I wonder how I can upset billionaires to get them to donate a million dollars, so they can ask me if I was joking about there preferring internet porn to actual human contact.....well contact of "on your knees lad and suck like a hoover".

Any that would be inappropriate and I am pleased that did not land here for one small step for billionaire donations and one giant leap for popular girl kind.

I was thinking about the moon landing, and there is something which will appear as evidence that the landings did not take place.......but wait a moment before you start donating again in protest, just listen to what Lame Cherry knows, as Lame Cherry does know all, and you will be quite pleased with how all of this works out.

See there is an entire genre out there which has evidence that the moon landings did not take place, and their evidence is real. That will have people who believe in the moon landings confused, and I will really confuse them in informing all of you, that they are right too.

On 9 11 and the Twin Towers, I had to set things right there too, so I might as well visit the Cherrystone Files and put this to rest too.

In the early 1960's when John Kennedy set up the impossible of a moon landing in a decade, America was scrambling for this military project of  test pilots. The inner workings had to resurrect the Nazi's of Germany to advance this program in their brilliant work that the space craft would in fact become the man returning to earth and not the Apollo rockets.

NASA created the massive Saturn V's to lift this payload into orbit and all hung on ever launch.

President Kennedy was shortly assassinated and President Johnson and then President Nixon oversaw this matter of national prestige.

Hang on that "national prestige" for a moment as that is where this all blends together.

NASA can pretend to be a civilian group, but it was military test pilots and Nazi science which built the moon program. It was built from the Mercury and Gemini programs to the Apollo rockets. There was also something else built.

This Kennedy program was deemed such a Cold War nuclear one upmanship, that there was a fail safe involved, just like the movie Capricorn One, about the first Mars landing. That is what Mockingbird was tweaking all of this about in they have a sadistic humor most occasions in enjoying creating upheaval in America for conspiracies, in order to hide all the Obama things they are constantly raping America over.

There were entire sets, location scouts to the Scandinavian lunar looking islands, and yes films created. America was not going to fail in this, and if she did, Cinema NASA of Mockingbird was going to show the world the best fiction ever produced from these lot locations.

Listen sometime to the Lunar Landings, in how fast the transmissions are. Odd when you think about it, when internet is jerky and when you use your cell phone there are delays of a few seconds.......just on earth. Yet on the Moon, it was a conversation like on a land line.

See this is where like the Nazi Holocaust, things hit the rub. NASA co mingled in the Lunar sets with actual lunar landings. They were human and Mockingbird enjoys twisting minds so  things start appearing as I will come out in a later post I am asking questions about.

Things like NASA shows the actual space suit from the Moon, and yet the treads of the souls on this suit are smooth, while the photos which were released were those bump treads. It was the actual suit, and infamous photos were from a studio lot.
The lunar rover is sitting on the lunar surface......there are human tracks, but there is not one tire print of this rover in how it got to where it was.  Again, studio shot and lunar shots.

It was just more readily easy to condition all of you and the world, the Soviets, by incorporating a little special effects and pretty color pictures to make the story go better. It would not have been any fun to have "one small step" taking 5 minutes to get to earth and it all being garbled to "one small...giant kind". Sort of ruins the effect.

There was immense pressure to get this right, and nothing was going to be left to chance. It was not a hoax, but it was a fail safe project which would have been initiated if necessary, and all the military officers would have been sworn to secrecy and as Patriots would have followed orders. What it became was just a bit better theater, like the original Star Trek with modern effects.

So now you know that two worlds can exist, and both can be right. It is only the Lame Cherry by God's Grace who can educate you to what really goes on in the shadowlands, as you fight amongst yourselves.

I still think NASA should have had Astronautettes in Stat Trek mini skirt uniforms to liven things up. Certainly would have distracted their audience and probably these photos which expose the lunar locations and studios would never have happened.......well they would have as Mockingbird sowed them to cause more dissention among Americans.

Cherry to Enterprise, One to beam up, Energize!


PS: Amusing thing is, in grabbing the following photo from NASA, I was alerted by Firefox that NASA was an untrusted connection. Sometimes the NSA is amusing.