Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Asshole Hunter

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It is difficult to educate the ignorant and those who adhere to what they think are higher ideals, when in reality they are the definition of killing with kindness.

Last evening I noticed a comment on Facebook which went something along the lines of "an asshole deer hunter". The start of this was a reality that hunters can hit a deer, but miss a toilet while attempting to piss in it, like most males.
Ignoring of course that we all have back splash problems, but men's are little splats on their legs and women's are deluges on their thighs. Yes we live in a world where all politely ignore we stink, we ooze fluids and we have about an hour every day when only God could love us.

This is though about education, and asshole deer hunters. So I thought we would start in the beginning of the first asshole deer hunter.

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

Genesis 3:21

Yes according to this woman, God is an asshole, as God was the first deer hunter. Every tittle is going to come up in Judgment, and that is something which is going to be something which has no defense in Jesus playing Facebook in, "I see her you called me an asshole....."

The reality is in this world that people who place innocense on nature, are people who have been hurt by humans in life. Nature then becomes the solace that something is good in life they cling to, but the reality is nature is the realm of satan the destroyer, and nature is merciless.

This type never contemplates that deer are not stockpiled. They can not be put on shelves or storage when there are so many of them. They die of old age best when husbanded by mankind, and that is what God intended. Mankind was to subdue the wilds in order to bring order and provide a humanity there, instead of the murderousness of nature which reflects satan.

Deer for example in nature are eaten as bambi by coyotes alive. Does are hamstrung by wolves and their guts eaten out as they stagger on. Bucks have mountain lions who have their windpipes crushed as the big cats kill them too.
There is often the ignorant response, "That is nature", as if that makes a deer's death more acceptable than when asshole God or asshole hunters kill them, but that ignores a reality which is life.

All life matters. It does not matter if you are hiding as a vegetarian, because cabbages are alive, they have an aura, they scream which you can not hear when you eat them alive and cut off their heads. God made seeds in apples, and those who think themselves superior are aborting those future lives as much as Planned Parenthood. There is guilt in every place in this, and none is superior in morality for eating beef killed by a butcher or chewing on cabbage from a garden, as all is life, and when life is ended, it is death. Humans just more humane in their killing, at least the Caucasian is, as the Mexican is damned brutal and the Asian Indians of America were absolutely barbaric in torturing animals to death.

Humans have thee best method of conserving wildlife, as wildlife can not be preserved. Nature only has so much budget like your household in what it can feed, and when nature is out of balance in too many predators, they get diseases just like deer. The coyote gets distemper, the deer gets chronic wasting disease in dry years in the whitetails which is a horrid death.

Too many deer arrive, because asshole God and asshole hunters are not being allowed to do their job, as in too many large predators, and these animals start showing up eating the things you need to survive. Deer become a hazard in carrying Lyme Disease, and in chasing each other around causing accidents, which in turn is what is driving up your insurance in too many deer causing insurance companies a fortune.

I really tire of having to address these issues, as I do it every few years in explaining things, humiliating ignorants and then a new crop of uneducated moralists arise, as in Cecil and need to be told again the facts of this world.

Humans are worth more than many sparrows, Jesus teaches. But the Father still values those creations of His, as much as those bugs you splatter or those spinach you are tossing your salads which are bleeding clear, and you ignorantly do not know the death you are causing is equal to that of a deer or any other animal.

Deer have job in life, and it is to trim weeds and to feed creatures of their meat. Humans have a mandate from God in this life to trim the weeds and to administer a balance in God receiving His share of meat in offering, people having their share to live and a small population of large predators to survive by their own fang and not animal welfare, their small portion of meat.

Anything which is contrary to that, is of satan. Ignorance is not going to be any excuse in Christ's Judgment nor is it going to comfort a deer hit by a car, eaten by a predator or dying of disease. What is taking place in this world concerning wildlife is satanic now in the abuse of them in ignorant people are killing them with kindness and the elite are turning loose the predators of nature to inflict more of the law of the jungle psychic scream upon this earth.

Lions do not lay down with lambs until Jesus returns, and in Revelation, God makes a huge river flowing out of Jerusalem where people will be fishing in it, as that cycle of death will not be broken until the 1000 years are completed of that Sabbath.

A human is either of God or they are a tool of satan. Humans are here to be stewards and husband all things, bringing order to nature inside themselves and order to nature outside themselves.

God is not an asshole, nor are hunters assholes.

hope the same fate falls on all their family and children ... I know ...
hope the same fate falls on all their family and children ... I know ...

This is how murderous these satanic tools are, hoping that families are murdered over an animal, which was harvested with a license or a tax or as in serving in the military, so other giraffes can have habitat or liberty maintained by those revenues. There are no free rides in this life. Humans just administer the best journey unlike Cecil the lions who are of the abbaddon destroyers.

nuff said