Friday, August 14, 2015

Obama Epitaph: Libertarian Paternalism


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you are normal it should trouble you that America is ruled by two foreign reactionaries, in the image of Barack Hussein Obama Chin and the regime's United Nations Ambassador, Samantha Powers.

Powers was birthed in Ireland and appeared in America, about the time that Birther Hussein was not registering for the draft as an American or Kenyan or Indonesian or Chinaman.

Powers is a strange creation of hating Ireland, as she said she would rush home from school, and practice in a mirror how to "sound American" and not like the retarded Irish, as America was the place to go to prosper.
Sounding American appears to be something these foreigners pull off quite well, along with the millionaire prosperity part.

Powers began employment as a "reporter" spreading hate against Christians in Yugoslavia and Muslim love. She was one of the liars who promoted the genocide thing in Kosovo and wrote a book on it. This then got her into Harvard, yes the Obama place or foreign refugees, where getting a diploma in law, Powers was awarded fellowships of weird sounding offices like Obama got his Nobel Prize for just being there.

Somewhere in this, Powers arrived at the idea that the US military had one purpose, and that was to be a police force to stop populations from killing each other. She focused on Israel a great deal, but somehow she got shifted to Libya, where no one was killing anyone, but the regime started a civil war there by George Soros machinations, and next thing you know ISIS had it's first Islamic state and Chris Stevens was taking it up the ass without protest by George Takei.

Powers has a fixation now at the UN on Russia.......well she had one on Syria with her irrefutable proof which was refuted where she was the one blaming President Assad for using chemical weapons.......ooppps it was Obama ISIS using Saddam Hussein's lost chemical weapons, but that did not slow down Powers as her new scorn was Russia.

Yes, Samantha Powers just loathes Russia. She has all sorts of things she hates about Russia. Russia votes in the United Nations, instead of following Samantha Power's orders. Russia waits for investigations on downed airliners in Ukraine, instead of confessing to something Powers charges them of. Yes Samantha Powers like Obama does not need evidence, just something to hate.

If you have concluded that Samantha Powers is somehow even more nuts than Val-erie Rainbow Jarrett, deluded Muchelle Obama and whatever Obama now is, well there is someone in this sphere even more crazy which Obama tried to put into the regime and that is Cass Sunstein.


You might be asking what the hell as Cass Sustein is? Well that is the divorced man which Samantha Powers chose to father her children.......after a strange island wedding in Ireland. Apparently Powers needed to go back to Ireland to prove the Irish wrong, in something male actually would fuck her ugly.

Sunstein...........well let us just use the quotes of what Cass Sunstein believes in his flat world delusions. I am not kidding in the following things that this is what this Obama weirdo has as policy papers to bring more change to America.

libertarian paternalism. In arguing for this theory, he counsels thinkers/academics/politicians to embrace the findings of behavioral economics as applied to law, maintaining freedom of choice while also steering people's decisions in directions that will make their lives go better. With Thaler, he coined the term "choice architect."

That is Muchelle Obama's starving fat kids to death and berating them.........say whatever happened to Michelle Obama's garden America spent millions on eh?
What Sunstein promotes is exactly what I have stated in the Socio Conglomerates, making you all manchurians in a maze where you are forced to make choices, self destructive choices as all these liberal nutty ideas are, to end your life.

Sunstein says there is a need to reformulate First Amendment 

In Sunstein's Obama dogma, there is the idea that you have only privileges and only those in power, IE Obama nuts, have the right to decide what you say, worship and think, because might makes right.

In that might makes right, Sunstein loved George W. Bush's military commissions to throw people into prison forever.

about whether animals should be thought of as owned by humans, Sunstein notes that personhood need not be conferred upon an animal in order to grant it various legal protections against abuse or cruelty, even including legal standing for suit.

Yes animals are to have personhood status, and your cat via a regime lawyer can haul your ass into court and sue you.

Wait we are not done yet, just remember this is the husband of the UN Ambassador who has proven herself a mass murderer of Muslims and who Obama tried to appoint to the regime with authority over you.

In what sense is the money in our pockets and bank accounts fully ‘ours’? Did we earn it by our own autonomous efforts? Could we have inherited it without the assistance of probate courts? Do we save it without the support of bank regulators? Could we spend it if there were no public officials to coordinate the efforts and pool the resources of the community in which we live? Without taxes, there would be no liberty. Without taxes there would be no property. Without taxes, few of us would have any assets worth defending. [It is] a dim fiction that some people enjoy and exercise their rights without placing any burden whatsoever on the public… There is no liberty without dependency.

OK this is beyond delusional and in the realm of Rain Man. Sunstein does not comprehend that it is work and the Citizen having property first, which is what creates wealth to be taxed, not the other way around.
His last point in there being no freedom unless one is a slave is insane.

I will spare you the reset of Sunstein's delusions, in he is for banning all marriage......yes even gay marriages and just calling them Civil Unions. Not that would make a damn bit of difference, but it is how whacked this mindtard is. He also gets sudsy over "conspiracy theories" and wants to have hordes of minders scouring the internet and your homes to interject "right thinking" in comments to disrupt conversations that know the Magic Bullet was a lie and that the Twin Towers were not pulled.
In effect, these operations have been in full tilt since 2008 when Obama sent his trolls out to post positive things about him and call everyone a racist who was an American.


Do not be upset that Sunstein is no longer in office as he was replaced by the child, Boris Bershteyn born in Kiev.......yes another foreigner and now it might make a bit more sense why there is such a hate fest against nuclear armed Russia in the Obama regime.

None of these people, including Obama should not be anywhere near power......little alone power appliances as only satan knows what they would do to their genitals as they sexplored new uses for them.

These Obama minders are not just these few, it is thousands of these bat shit crazy fools, like image Obama has proven to be.

Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush is not going to pull out the roots of these nuts in 2017. It is going to take a Donald Trump to fire all of them, and send them back sniffing book glue and wearing American to hide what foreign agents they are.

....and yes these things are breeding and reproducing.