Friday, August 14, 2015

Jimmy Carter Ushered Out


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would like to say that I am a good teacher, but I know it is God has very Inspired children and here am I, but a tissue sample of this age that flutters into the future.

I have been busy putting out fires online, so decided to recreate by writing something about Jimmy Carter full of cancer.

Richard and Stephanie mentioned to me that they concluded the Animas River was the work of this regime, and how they wondered if Jimmy Carter was going tits up from his Maker or he had some help. As I was writing my advice to Jimmy Carter, I started generating information I had not intended in wondering about Jimmy Carter being irradiated or the point given cancer.

Inquiry states that Jimmy Carter got gunned while out west. It was after his Aspen Institute tirade about what a worthless black impersonator that Obama was. This was all about legacy for Muchelle and there was a meeting Jimmy had. A briefcase was set up on a chair, as Carter jabbered on, and he was given a full monte of resonant frequency.........a sort of reverse Royal Raymond Rife cell phones giving people tumors as it causes the sugars which cancer feeds on to accumulate and cancer just grows in the nutrients.
Any way too technical or all of you would be building your own cancer do remember they nuked Hugo Chavez too

Anyway, that is what has got Jimmy biting the bite. I guess it is better than Andrew Breitbart left laying on the street, but that was more to silence immediately and cancer is the torture which keeps on afflicting, so you can call up and listen to how shitty the old geezer sounds as you enjoy it snacking on cheetos or Val Jarretts nasty old snatch.

I leave this at that, as I do hope Jimmy Carter repents of all his sins as he has been a bastard to Ronald and Nancy Reagan for starters decades ago........and even if he is a truth teller about Obama, that ain't gone far enough I figure as it is a real Messiah thing.

So enough of that or this.

Must be hell though done in by Afroids when you remember a time they were in the back of the bus and had a use of only shucking peanuts at the warehouse for Miss Lillian.

Do you remember that Khadaffi tried to give Jimmy's brother, Billy a shit load of money too out of Libya back in the day? Billy got the big C  too......kind of same way too by the shadowlands out at Langley which remedied that problem.
Odd ain't it, the shadowland whacked both the Kennedy and Carter boys and nobody ever said. Shhhhh