Monday, August 31, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I happened upon this and after deciphering exactly what the Obama Department of Labor was initiating, I am certain in warning all of you that the Obama regime has just begun intitiating something akin to Obamacare in "single payer" in ObamaSave is "single player".

There have been the most horrific of assaults upon America in what is known in Obamatrade to Obamacare, but when it was discovered that the Obama regime this year was realigning all institutions to promote minorities for the genocide of Whites in America it revealed the depths of the Saul Alinksy protocols were coming from a source more devious than even what Alinsky promoted.

I will get to the punchline in this and it is vital, because this is about your 401K's and all of your retirement savings, worth 10 trillion dollars.

It was this bulk which Lindsey Williams was told by his insiders would be confiscated by some means, and what the Department of Labor has been up to reveals the Obama regime is up to this very act.

The blog Director Blue has background in this evolving attack upon Americans. In 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, communist Secretary Tom Perez attempted to force massive punitive regulations on investment brokers. This was appealed to the courts and the courts rightfully struck down this attack on private investment.

That did not last, exactly like Cap and Trade being stopped, this regime found new ways to assault Americans through EPA, and this time it is the Department of Labor.

What the DOL is currently in the process of enacting is an agency mandate to Nationalize American Retirement Funds. I provide this quote as a glimpse to what the Obama regime's game plan is:

Lynn Dudley, American Benefits Council senior vice president for global retirement and compensation policy, said in testimony Aug. 13.
“The one overarching point we are hearing from plan sponsors is that it (the proposal) seems to be at odds with efforts to facilitate employee engagement. It may make it more difficult, more expensive and may result in their having to pull back on those tools. They feel it is exceptionally easy to trigger” a fiduciary liability, she said.

I am going to translate this, as there is so much pointy head speak in this, which is designed to confuse people from what is the crux of what the regime is enacting.

What is being revealed is, the Obama regime drives all competitors out of the markets to assist in your investment. This is single player, meaning the regime then decides where your investments are going to be spent. Spent is the key word, as this is Nationalization of Investments or your retirement accounts........and now comes the punch line....

Where do you think this Obama regime is going to demand this Nationalized 10 trillion dollars of wealth is going to be invested or SPENT in? Coca Cola? Not on your geezer lives my children, that 10 trillion is going to be seized with the regime mandating your retirement funds all be invested in "safe government securities".

Translation of "safe government securities" is, the Obama regime is going to flip your money into buying the Obama trillions in debt, which will never be repaid, and all you will ever get is a monthly IOU, and you will never see your investment portfolios ever again as they are sunk into the debt pool never to return again.

This is the biggest story ever and no one knows a thing about it, as the media is hiding it, and so is every mic head from Rush Limbaugh to Chris Matthews. This is how they are going to seize your savings without you knowing it, to service the debt by making you buy that debt, and blackmailing you if you do not do this, you are going to face confiscation in the new complex take a payment each month and shut up, or you lose everything.

It is quite brilliant and completely Obamacare and Obamatrade. It is complicated and people will be lost in the explanation, and finally shrug that it must be ok as you are still getting your monthly check for awhile, but the regime can not keep paying you stock market dividend prices, on their low rate bond returns.

I am so pleased that I finally have come across the inner workings of this boring scam, so all of you can be educated in what is actually taking place, not with Lindsey William claims, but with actual regime actions.

For the last thing to scare you, the Obama regime is doing a quick implementation of this, as in months, while the industry states this kind of thing with these massive regulations will require three years. The point is, all of us have witnessed and experienced what Obamacare was as a disaster in not working. This ObamaSave is going to be far worse in literally shattering the US Stock Markets in this kind of investment flip, and the destruction of financial investors.

Now we can all be happy, as we know what the dagger is that is about to plunge into the American corpse pinning it to the Obama Abyss.

You rich people really should be donating that 350,000 dollars as while you are watching the Shemitah smoke and mirrors, there is something really break your ass coming. Click the links to the stories and find your always demanded sources as you never believe me.

Then open that dust covered plastic bank card and make the big donation in being a cheerful giver as you are not going to be cheerful with Obama the taker.

Alright now scurry away my children and my brats, as I just told you of an exclusive which no one knows and you will look so bright in telling others, as you know how this Obama regime is about to make all of you literal slaves.