Sunday, August 9, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has concluded that it agrees with the Southern Baptist policy of building several nuclear power plants, and their having nuclear centrifuges to refine uranium for weapon's grade material.

The fact that the American Southern Baptist should keep their intercontinental ballistic missiles also. Their associations with Pyongyang North Korea, in order to gain better targeting and with Pakistan in order to miniaturize nuclear weapons for their Striker missiles is fully in their rights.

I agree with the Southern Baptists having the American government release to them billions of dollars in which the Southern Baptists will use this money to fund abortion clinic bombers and to install sleeper cells around the world to bring down the American government.

Furthermore, the Southern Baptists importing weapons systems from Moscow in order to protect itself from the United States Air Force.

As the negotiations were undertaken with Sec. of State John Kerry, I agree it was acceptable for the Southern Baptists to chant "Death to America" and scream at the Sec. of State.

The Southern Baptists are completely free now to be unencumbered to any sanctions or monitoring of their activities. We will forget the return of two Americans now held in their prisons in one a missionary and one a veteran.

We look forward to the Russian and Chinese advisors assisting the Southern Baptists. We support the reality that a month notice will be given the Southern Baptists in any inspections, furthermore we agree with the Southern Baptists targeting the Israeli state by arming Hamas and Hezbollah, with sending in Southern Baptist fighters to other nations.

When a sound mind reads the above, it is shocking to the mind. So when it shocks the mind, that the Southern Baptists being armed as a religious state, having nuclear weapons, chanting death to America and having billions of dollars turned over to them to murder Americans, it is reality of the insanity of arming Marxist Islam Iran to carry out the same genocide against Americans.

If any American, British, French, German, Spanish or Scandinavian religous group activated what Iran has with the same rhetoric, they would be obliterated. Consider how Dr. Anders Breivik was imprisoned for carrying out nothing of the slaughter which Iran has been guilty of for years in his advocacy of the Vatican.
Anders Breivik did not have nuclear weapons nor did he attempt to build them. The Branch Davidians did not have nuclear weapons nor attempt to build them, and the American Clinton regime via Eric Holder burned them down, in men, women and children.

Iran was awarded nuclear weapons, because Obama and his image are Sunni connected in those demonic desert sands, against Nationalist Muslims of which only Assad and the Saud family are left.

When Islamic Iran has the right to nuclear arms, then every religion from the Vatican to the Southern Baptists have the right to nuclear arms. If that pricks your sensibilities, then why is this Obama Kerry arming religious terrorists with nuclear weapons acceptable.