Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Serial Stalker Son of Jeb Bush

Political Assassin Jeb Bush & Serial Stalker Son, Jorge Bush
a family of criminal psychopaths

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Nigger baiter Roger Ailes of FOX, political whore Megyn Kelly, Mexican invading enable Carly Fiorina, Red Stain foul mouth Erick Erickson have joined the Jeb Bush political assassinsation of Donald Trump, it is with balancing the scales for an innocent Donald Trump and a literal criminal syndicate of the Jeb Bush Mexican mafia which requires exposure so that voters know just what kind of demented soul John Ellis Bush is.

The subject of this post is George Prescott Bush, eldest son of Jeb and Corumba Bush.

The following is the Truth and has been covered up due to strong arm intimidation of the Bush family, as George W. Bush was then President and Jeb Bush was then Governor, in the assenting to dehydrating to death, Terri Schiavo.

In the early morning hours of December 31st, 1994, George P. Bush, AKA Jorge Bush, arrived half naked at the home of the Cohen family. What followed was not some teenage prank, but the actions of a Rice University college man.

Upon arriving at the Cohen house in the hours of darkness, Jorge Bush, scouted the home, and then began breaking into the home, via the bedroom window of Cristina Cohen, their young daughter.

A neighbor noticing Jorge lifting up the bedroom window, confronted the half naked man, and an altercation took place, which drove off Bush.

Picture this now, in what if the neighbor had not been there at 4 AM to drive off Jorge Bush? Would he have raped this young girl? Would he have kidnapped this young girl? Would his being repulsed, set him off even further in a rage where he would have murdered this girl, murdered her family and burned the house down?

For those who think this is a stretch, what followed after Bush forced the window open and then pushed in the screen to gain entry. Bush thwarted, then left the house as he was half way through the window and fled to his car.

This was not enough, as 20 minutes later, Jorge Bush returned with the weapon of his speeding car, terrorizing the neighborhood. Bush crashed onto the Cohen's lawn, and damaged 80 feet of the property.

The Police were summoned where Cristina Cohen stated that Bush and her had once dated almost 2 years before, but that "Bush had been a constant problem" since the break up.

The Smoking Gun Report of Jeb Bush's criminal son Jorge Bush.

Constant problem? In legal terms, this is called felony criminal stalking. George Prescott Bush should have been tried, but the Cohen family did not press charges. It is a bit intimidating when Karl Rove is destroying the most powerful Conservatives in America and Jeb Bush is dehydrating invalids to death, for a family to go into court and expect justice.

Do you think for a moment that the good people of Texas who elected George P. Bush to a government position would have done so, if they had been aware that George P. Bush is a simmering psychopathic stalker? Texas protects women and children and does not elect rapists.

This is the "future" of the GOP among Mexicans the billionaire bully elite will tell you, as will Spanish speaking Jeb Bush who just loves Mexican invaders, who Bush blurted out "breed a lot".
No wonder Jeb Bush has no problem with Mexicans raping, robbing and murdering Americans, when his son, was stalking and terrorizing a Jewish family in Miami Florida.

I will have more on this Bush family of psychopaths, and I do not use that forensic psychology term lightly. This Jeb Bush family is unhinged in private and spills out into the criminal courts in the same unbalanced manifestations as the depraved Kennedy Family.

So when you hear 'kinder and gentler' as Jeb Bush sends in surrogates to politically rape and assassinate Donald Trump, keep in mind that Megyn Kelly never grilled Jeb Bush about his serial stalker lunatic son for Roger Ailes and the billionaire bullies.

Do not forget the Lame Cherry informed you of Corumba Bush, the Mexican wife of Jeb Bush, who was arrested for evading Customs on a Paris trip. Do not forget the dope head daughter Noelle a three time loser addict, and now, do not forget George Prescott Bush, a chip off the olde taco, showing up almost naked at 4 AM to a Jewish home, breaking into the house via the bedroom window of a young girl and then terrorizing the neighborhood with the weapon of his car.

Jeb Bush does not belong any where near the White House, nor on any Republican stage. This is not the drunken table dancing twins of George and Laura Bush. This Jeb Bush family are criminals who have law enforcement after them.

If Jorge Bush was your kid, he would be in prison yet over twenty years later, not a Texas commissioner as his daddy commits criminal acts in tampering with elections.

You remember that, and you tell everyone you know what you have been learning about the Jeb Bush psycho family. What Jeb Bush is doing to Donald Trump, his family did to Jews in Florida.

Full Police Report on Jeb Bush's son.