Friday, August 21, 2015

sealed in the blood of murder

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In legal terms, if you sell someone a car which you know is dangerous, and that person gets killed in that car, you are guilty of that person's death.

That is why I become frustrated with this propaganda from the Ashkenaz elite which herds Jews into a group for the elite's control, by such whore terms as Judeo Christian religion, when there never was such a thing in America or the Bible. There was the Law handed down through Moses and the Prophets in the Old Testament and there is the Gospel handed down through God in His Son, Jesus the Christ and the Apostles, but there never was a Judeo Christian.

In that, it is a hateful thing to not tell Jews they are going to hell or Sheol. This apple of God's eye fallacy is exactly that. When that was recorded in the Bible, the Israelite state, that is the 13 tribes, which Americans, French, Scandinavians etc... are a part of were all Apples of God's Eye. That all changed when these tribes enacted as national laws the very sinful things of child butchery and sodomy which the Obama regime has cemented into America for America's Spiritual Judgment.

That is the reality of God and no rabbi or false pastor is going to change any of that. Either you confess Jesus as Lord and Savior or you have condemned yourself to any Redemption and are in hell.

I was moved by the Holy Ghost, the Presence of God only Christians and Israelite Prophets have within them, to read in Matthew 27. I picked up a Tyndale Bible and I enjoy reading this translation as it is not as frilly as a Living Bible and not as hard to understand as the King James. I quote Matthew 27: 3-6 as it is important in what is lost to most people in the other translations:

"When Judas, who betrayed Him, realized that Jesus haad been condemned to die, he was filled with remorse. So he too the thirty pieceds of silver back to the leading priests and other leaders.
"I have sinned", he declared, "for I have betrayed an innocent man."

"What do we care?', they retorted. "That's your problem."

Then Judas threw the money onto the floor of the Temple and went out and hanged himself.

The leading priests picked up the money. "We can't put it in the Temple treasury." they said, "since it's against the law to accept money paid for MURDER."

In the King James the translation is "blood money", and that archiac term hides what this money paid Judas was, it was money for the murder of Christ.

What is disquieting to me Spiritually, is not the heinousness of these Jews in how harsh they are like many modern Jews in the compassion is missing. They cared nothing about Judas being torn apart inside. They had no compunction in admitting that they had paid Judas so these leading Jews could murder Jesus. They had no remorse about the process then taking place in the murder of Jesus.
They were so like modern Jews, caught up in laws and rituals though, that what they were concerned about was violating putting murder money into the Temple Treasury. That was a great sin to them, not murdering someone.

The Jews have been persecuted, or more to the point, the financier Jews who preyed on societies they embedded in, were the type which Shakespeare recorded in the Merchant of Venice in the pound of human flesh he required in a financial contract. The Jews have a market in "sympathy" which is like a skin in the holocaust propaganda. A real story of the Jewish elders sold their poor people to Nazi work camps, where these poor Jews were worked like mules. When the allies bombed the supply trains and disrupted services, these Jews ended up starved and diseased. That is what created the horrific pictures which the Nazi were blamed for.
No defense of Nazi in this, but facts are required in every subject. If communist Jewry had not called and plotted for the genocide of Germans and their nation, the Nazi would not have struck back, and if the Jewish elders had not sold their own people to death camps, the Jews would not have been in those camps, but as the Nazi preferred in a Zionist state around Jerusalem, on British possession lands which the British did not desire to give up to Jews.

In that understanding, we read of the Jewish leaders placing the blood of innocent Jesus on them and their children. The Jews literally cursed themselves as King Solomon cursed the bloody people who had tried to taint King David, Jesus foreparent with the blood of innocent men.

It was not enough in this, that this same non compassionate group of Jewish elders, were out at the cross, taunting Christ to come down from the cross and save Himself, with the admission that Jesus had raised others from the dead.
Yes these elders out of envy as Pontius Pilate noted, had murdered Jesus to save themselves from a Roman crackdown and had crucified Christ as Jesus was a favorite of the people, and not the rich, pompous, uncaring Jewish elders.

The Jewish elders are to blame fo the curse on the Jewish people. That is the reality. They put the blood of an innocent man onto Jewry for all time. The only Jews who are free of this, are the Jews like Peter, Paul, James, John, Mary, Martha etc... who converted to Christianity and had the innocent blood of Christ attone for their sins.

The Asian Ashkenaz who make up the lion's share of Jewry now, are the elite elders who control Jews to herd them and use that misery to gain power and wealth, for their world order. The Jew has to repent as the infidel, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Marxist and even those who claim christianity but adhere to Obama as a 'chritian' after that image blasphemed Christ, took Christ out of Christmasa and allowed itself to be called a messiah.

In reality, the Jews helped install Obama. They rejected the Messiah Christ almost 2000 years ago, and then promoted another Barrabas which has been a disaster to the Jewish people.

In me is the Will of God, God wills no one to perish, but if they perish it is their choice. I tell Jews to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior and be free from their heinous curse of their elders and from the blood which they continue to answer for.

Jews have the eternal blood of Christ upon them and their children, that is something their elders enacted and sealed in the shedding of Christ's blood. For Christians and those to repent, that shedding Redeemed them in attoning for their sins. Until the Jew sets themselves free, one by one as the Disciples did, they are sealed in the blood of the murder of Jesus the Christ.

I want all Jews in Heaven, but it their own unrepentance which is keeping them out and self condemning them to Sheol.