Friday, August 21, 2015

Stalker Jorge Bush, now Stalker Jorge Bush

 Then-Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson told an audience about his political plans at a Texas Tribune event on Feb. 14, 2013.

 Republican Jerry Patterson

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I wonder sometimes how the Bush family of cover ups for their criminals in the Jeb Bush faction, really do not stand around waiting for lightning to strike.......or for Texans to bar them from political office in conflict of interest.

Take for example, George Prescott Bush AKA Jorge Bush AKA Stalker Bush, who was installed as Land Office Commissioner in Texas. This is not just some pissy little agency, but an agency which overseas huge federal grants and mineral rights in Texas. You know the oil Bush family overseeing inside Texas government now their interests and their political allies interests............called conflict of interest.

What is most troubling in this is how Jorge Bush has changed from stalking little Jewish girls in Florida, to stalking Texas men. In what is one of the last things George W. Bush ever would do, as President Bush let sleeping Clinton crimes lay, Jorge Bush somehow upon taking office, began overseeing an "audit" of his office by another Texas auditor.
That is fine, but when you find out what Jorge Bush did, it is really contemptible.

This starts out with Jerry Patterson, who oversaw the Land Commission for 12 years, was the subject of this audit. The auditor, John Keel, found some things wrong with Patterson's management style, like in deciding who gave out contracts and awarding employees with gift cards to raise moral for good jobs done.

This sounds sort of bad, but when Jerry Patterson heard what Jorge was up to, he told the press that Jorge should do his job and stop worrying about covering his ass.

That is the crux in this, in Patterson explained that the contracts were good. In fact, the contracts were backed by evidence, that if Jorge Bush had simply supplied Auditor Keel with the additional information it would have explained the situation and softened what looked like a bad thing.
Think of it as, "Commissioner uses car for personal use". That sounds horrid, but if you find out that the personal use was taking a woman who went into premature labor.", it sort of changes the scope of the charges.

This was dirty politics which George Prescott Bush stooped to. He is trying to build his office to a fast track to the Governor's mansion and then the White House, starting with the political corpse of Jerry Patterson, who did absolutely nothing wrong, brought in billions of dollars of revenue to Texas and had employees who were like all government employees, some good and some worthless.
Jorge Bush though is trying to make it appear that he is the second coming of Ronald Reagan, in with his posse he is reorganizing Texas and making all things right according to Bush law.

All of the Jorge Bush actions do seem Conservative, but they are not in the least Christian. He is politically assassinating a man who served Texas well, and people in the Commission who were what people in government always are. That is not something Ronald Reagan ever did.
You can not build a career by destroying others.

I judge this all smarmy, like everything that is associated with the Jeb Bush family. George W. Bush never in public tried to destroy good people just to make political gain. This is the choice though of the Jeb Bush family, over and over again, in a most low class pattern.

The people of Texas as well as America need to be informed of this Jorge Bush, as he is being set up to overthrow Texas, probably reward his cronies at the Commission in contracts for future campaign contributions, and then use Austin as a stepping stone to the White House.

The one thing which is coming to light in what Jeb Bush and Jorge Bush practice, is that they practice 3rd world Mexican politics. It is their choice in catering to the dons, destroying the good people they take power from, and then cover it all in some Catholic sign of the cross to make it appear righteous.

...........and yeah, Jorge is doing this to a fellow Republican. The Jebpanzees eat their own to elevate their political propaganda.

Jerry Patterson by all accounts seemed like a dream boss. He was the kind of man you would love to work for.
I am honestly beginning to conclude that the Rovian destruction of George Allen to Larry Craig, did not come from George W. Bush's Administration, but was this Jeb Bush and George H. W. Bush politically assassinating every Conservative for gold child Jeb to inherit the White House.

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