Friday, August 14, 2015

Something to watch on Hillary's email crimes


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What is not being stated in the Clinton web server situation, is she had a server, which was insecure. She was receiving email from the Department of State and other agencies. In order to receive classified emails (look they are all classified and Hamrod is mincing definitions as the EMAILS HAD NOT YET BEEN CLASSIFIED, MEANING SHE WAS GETTING RAW DATA BEFORE IT WAS BEING SCREENED.), a sender has to enter a Skip Room, where all secure data is in order to keep track of what is being sent.

There were senders in this, and they would be top escheleon staff at State. What was found in Hillary Clinton's logs so far dealt with Pakistan drones, and there were basically two guns involved in that theater and they were Richard Holbrooke and John Kerry.

Never mind those details, but something which is being lost in this. Hillary's servers were insecure. She was  connected to the secure network at State, meaning any intelligence agency across the globe or of the shadowlands via an email or Anthony Wiener pic, could have gained access to the Clinton server, and then used that breach to bridge to the entire US Government.
That is why John Kerry stated in public he thinks that China and Russia are reading his emails.

Return to me long ago in the Al Gore and Bill Clinton 1996 Presidential run, which was a criminal enterprise laundering Chinese communist funds into their campaign. Bill Clinton "lost" the nuclear football codes not long after this, and it was thought he handed over these state secrets to China as a quid pro quo. There was a host of Chicom spying taking place them, and it involved White Sands  missile range.

Now while everyone is giving Hillary  Clinton the benefit of the doubt in this, remember she went to Chain for Obama Chin in 2009 to get an open checkbook to fund Obama looting of the US Treasury. What if part of this quid pro quo, was Hillary Clinton was to set up personal server, in violation of American Law, all so the "Obama foreign friends" could gain unnoticed access to the entire United States Government's computer data system.

I informed you previously that Asians are being blamed for that massive personnel data breach of millions of records, my inquiry says it was the shadowlands and they were looking for "agent covers" of people who did not exist.

This is a much bigger story, if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama opened an insecure server, all for the purpose of repaying debts to enemies of America for espionage information. You must understand in this, that every keystroke is logged in Top Secret data, and it does not matter if it is the CIA, NSA, STATE or whatever, if you have a security clearance, the FBI has you under complete surveillance. Mrs. Clinton could not have evaded this, unless this port was off the grid, and internal security was set up to read this server as part of the system and to ignore all data breaches from outside sources.
That could only come from a syndicate group of the very top.

There are patterns in this which point to this and as a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, this is, HAMRODGATE.

People are making a biased assumption that Mrs. Clinton was protecting America with Obama, when the reality is that the Clintons have a criminal history of bribes with the Chicoms and the image Obama has a history of being anti American and pro American enemies.

Nuff said.