Friday, August 14, 2015

Jeb Bush in need of Psychiatric Evaluation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the interest of fairness, I would like to state that maybe Jeb Bush is not a coward in running from a stage while black lives matter was yelling at him. Perhaps Jeb Bush suffers from Negrophobia, an intense fear of black people.

In this reality, Jebus might not be able to be in the same room with blacks, the same plane with blacks, the same regime with blacks, as he goes bonkers and must run for his life from something he has no coontrol over. Sorry that was a typo, control is what I meant.

In that, I advocate that Jeb Bush volunteer to have himself examined by psychiatrists, in order to diagnose a disorder in which he needs help. Just think if Jeb was in the White House and he had his finger on the nuclear button and in panic launched nuclear bombs at.....well like South Side Chicago, that would be something that could be treated with psychiatric medications, as these psychiatric issues do matter.

None of this is far fetched, as in 2008, an entire population when Niggernuts, that is not a psychiatric term, but it is a definition of Negrophilia, in which millions of racists who felt guilty, and had always desired to dirty themselves up with a Negroid, were given public venue to vote for a mostly non Negro named Birther Hussein Obama.
So if one group can faint and froth at the mouth for a Designer Negro, then certainly Jeb Bush can have a rare psychiatric disorder of Negrophobia.

Granted none of this was noted at the FOX debate with Dr. Ben Carson, but then perhaps Mr. Bush only has episodes of Negrophobia when he sees more than one black. You do remember that Harry Reid said Obama smelled good. Perhaps Dr. Carson bathes and smells like a white man, while the Nevada Negroes had an odor about them which Mr. Bush reacted to like a gazelle smelling a lion.

Matt Walsh of The Blood Spot, smeared Donald Trump in slandering Mr. Trump going postal and offing someone like Charles Krauthammer, which had that hidden smack of Nazism to it as Charles is a Jew. Odd that Walsh would bring that subject up, as it was Jeb Bush's son who was terrorizing a Jewish family in Florida in stalking this poor girl.

Perhaps Matt Walsh who suffers from his own brain disorders of hiding behind beards, hiding behind plaids, hiding behind caps, and hiding behind little girls..........yes on Facebook Matt Walsh uses his daughter or some child he is holding as a human shield apparently in case some psycho appears, as Walsh does seem to attract odd people as he throws Jesus around like Jesus has blood to spare for sins, as Walsh does the devil's own work in lying about Donald Trump.

In any event, there are volumes of Xanax and other things to help Mr. Walsh with his addictions and obsessions, as he is pictured with a gallon of expensive whiskey half drained as his statement to the world that this is what Christians, Conservatives and Americans desire as their poster boy.
Those same elephant type medications could be prescribed by physicians once Mr. Bush is diagnosed after an intensive psychiatric examination....and if Jebus ever runs out, then of course he could have his dope head daughter Noelle forge some more prescriptions for him as she accomplished herself.

Let us all agree that Jeb Bush needs a psychiatric examination to prove that he is either a coward or suffers from Negrophobia, as a person seeking the Presidency of all Americans, does have a contract to not run away from black people, and leave white people to scream at them "White lives matter!!!!!!".

We now return you to Jeb Bush this day in history, where he was busy verbally abusing Jewish heritage Sec of State, John Kerry, over Cuba. This was either something like Jorge Bush going viper on Jewish girls or it is the fear that John Kerry will be loved by Fidel Castro, as Jeb Bush with his servant wife Mexican Columba is phobic about sharing latins with other politicians.
Bush does seem to only have love spats with Cuban Marco Rubio and Canadian Ted Cruz.

See this is why Jeb Bush belongs in a mental ward, so we can diagnose completely just what is going on in the brain which created offspring which are stalkers, rioters and 3 time dope losers.

There must be enough money in Obamacare to examine Jeb Bush.

Nuff said.