Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the god of this world

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What is the god of this world?

Before you answer or think you know the answer and are exposed in ignorance, consider if it is greed, lust, power, beauty.......what is the god of this world?

I bid you to look around you, to look outside your window, to look at yourself, and the answer of what is the god of this world is before you, as the absolute terror each of you harbor inside of you. No I speak not of fear, but what is it that grips you deep down as you behold all of these things?
Is it not that they will be taken from you? Is it not their destruction which always worries you? Is it not your death which gives you the pause of someone walking over your grave, before you deny your end, and move on to the farce that it will not come today?

The Bible makes plain that "abaddon" or the destroyer is named in the Revelation of Jesus the Christ through St. John, is the force of this world which is unleashed in the Great Tribulation. The adversary or satan goes forth with great fury, as it knows it's time is short.

What is this god of this world then? Review the world before the power of satan was unleashed. Adam and Eve were placed by God in the Garden of Eden, and what were they doing it?
They were put there to "keep and to dress it". Those are life giving nurturing. They were not there to rip things out, cut things down, start fires to manage the brush, but were there assisting the garden to bring forth life giving produce.

When humans were deceived and sinned, then in that rebellion, satan was handed over a rulership of this world. Notice after this, that in the curse of this rebellion, that people were cutting the earth to farm, weeds were growing, they were working themselves......not to life, but to death.

What is the thing which Jesus came to conquer? Death and the grave. And one arrives at those places, because the forces of this world are aging you, eating at your being, consuming what you try to put away for your survival and the terror each person has, is their destruction.
Christ overcame the power of death and the grave. By being the Son of God, and not sinning or being in rebellion to God, Jesus redeemed all who will become like Him, in children of God, Spiritual children, who are no longer under the curse or the power of satan. That is why it is written if you resist satan, it will flee from you. It is why Jesus could raise from the dead and it is why all things dead are restored in Him, to eternal life.

Only when satan is bound from this world, in which the rule of this world is subdued at Armageddon, does the lion lay down with the lamb. Then it is a different world, a Sabbath 1000 years rest, when all who live will experience how the world was intended by God to be. The unleashed power of the destroyer, will be subdued to the natural order God intended.

This is why satan in tempting Christ focused upon destroying Jesus, and finally did destroy Jesus life, as that is the murderous rampage which it operates under.

None of the effects of disease, decay and death is any Christian subject to, in the overwhelming curse of this world, as all Power and Authority has now been handed over to Christ by the Father. No Christian is subject to the level of destruction which satan unleashes. We are all to overcome all in Christ. It is not to say that people will not die, but we are to be full of vigor like Caleb at 80 or Abraham at 120, as we are at age 40.

This ends the lesson.