Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Internet Bully

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is about an old folks from Oklahoma or in her case, Oklmoanah, as she is an internet bully on Facebook. Her screed, a word some troll once threw against my wall is that Donald Trump is evil and Dr. Ben Carson is good.........because she has a "feeling" about it, that God sent Ben Carson to save the world.
One of the problems of people promoting false teachings like that, is they are never made to answer for lying to the weak minded in leading them astray. In the old days, old codgers like this grousing around were taken out and stoned when Donald Trump was President.

What this old folks does is appear on walls where nice people are posting, and then start attacking them for supporting Donald Trump. Most people just do not reply or come up with that profane, "We will agree to disagree", and let this bully go on attempting to intimidate others with her bat keyboard.

I was reading what this person was saying for Ben Carson, and her list of how wonderful she was, was that she was "chrisitian" but not super religious. She then went on to list all her accomplishments...........
Ah it is Christ Who accomplishes all things in all of us, not us. We could not piss on the floor without God making things work in us.
And she had a salting of "good deeds" she had performed, to show how moral she was.

What she is, is a pharisee. She is a white washed tomb, dead and stinking inside. That is the reality, as she is busy casting the first stones at Donald Trump while trying to promote in zealot zeal, what she has been lusting after in a black Obama she could bring home to the family.

I want each of you to understand what his woman is. She admitted she voted for womanizer JFK. She then professed not voting for Reagan....well that leaves John Anderson or what she did vote for in the disaster of Jimmy Carter........and then she doubled down and voted for that Carter disaster from Minnesota in Walter Mondale who lost by a landslide too.
So her idea is not Republicanism, Conservativism, Patriotism or Christianity, but a Kennedy who stole the Presidency in barely taking it in being such a loser, and two losers in Carter and Mondale who were rejected by Americans by landslides against them.

THIS IS WHAT IS appearing all throughout the Conservative Right Wing comment sections, are these morons who even at over 70 years old, still do not have it right, but now like Obama  ISIS Muslims, she is cloaking all her sins and terrorism in a "god" she has manufactured. She has never heard a word from God, but her idea of America is going out and bullying the hell out of other people by shouting them down to put her tyrant into office.

After this, I fully intend to feature Dr. Ben Carson in revealing what he is, as his Oklamoanah bully, is so in need of validation that she put up another Facebook account in her name for Ben Carson. Carson has no idea who this old folks is, but this is a groupie of his, and the reality is, in watching the cave dwellers for Bush, Cruz and now Carson, they are in majority nothing but rude bullies, who are just as satanic as their masters in trying to skin Donald Trump alive.

I have made it a point to not speak of Donald Trump as God's Anointed. I  was told by God that a Jehu was out there. I know there was another that I wrote of. The point is, Donald Trump is as was posted here, moved into the slot that Sarah Palin vacated. God does work that way, and that is Biblical according to the worlds of Mordecai, Uncle of Esther. I am not going to engage though in who and what God raised up here, but the point that an internet bully is going around intimidating others to shut them up for their political despot.

That is the exact stuff that Obama's folks engaged in against Hillary Clinton, and the reality is, this is what is salted in to the Conservative or Tea Party movement now. It is these radicals who get in your face to shut you up, and they get away with being bastards and bitches in the left all the time, and people on the right are not used to the fight, so they are being intimidated.......well not all, as whenever this trash challenges me, by God I pound them, and in most cases they are reaching for the block button on Facebook before I get there.

Your feelings are going to be hurt by these bullies, but each of you is going to have to answer them in a calm tone, taking apart what they say without name calling, There is an art to it, and in most cases one line calling them a moron in an intellectual way, gets a page reply of them ranting at you.
Never leave the field though. When they insult you, call them out on it as an internet bully, and stay on the issue. Usually about three or four rants, and they will have you blocked and be on their way looking for some other weak person to smack around. The thing is though, that in the end they learned, because their ego was bruised and it was no longer fun. They get hit enough times, and like all bullies they will shut up and find new venues to beat up little people, because they are too much the cowards to go put a rope around their neck and take a short drop.

A friend mentioned yesterday that Clinton and Bush were finished. My children and my brats, this has not yet begun. I have something on Jeb Bush which is puzzling to me which I intend to share, because I do not know yet what it is. What is a certainty though, you have been through the easy part, as Donald Trump the wicked things are going to be employed.
You are going to run into a 1000 bullies before this is a Donald Trump victory and then you are going to be pushed and have to fight harder than you ever dreamed......because that is what Ronald Reagan did, and all of the Americans with him. This does not end with a political election, it is only the start as then your President is a sitting target to be destroyed by this  bully mob.

I leave this at that, as I have more things to write of today.........making pickles too the Lord willing.