Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why Ted Cruz is Ineligible


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After Birther Obama, I have had enough of "mincing Citizenship" as this foreign raised Obama has been a natural disaster for America and the world. It is a proven fact that as Stan Ann Dunham was under age, the spouse of a foreigner, that any child she produced was subject to British mandate.
We know this for certain as Obama stated his British Citizenship "expired". He admitted he had it and that type of thing never expires.
I firmly believe from inquiry that Obama's mother was a Filipino woman imported to be the anchor wife of Barack sr., as he mentioned his wife was in the Philippines to Immigration in an interview. This was a communist agent aka ANNA CHIN, who was a documented "American" of some sort, so Obama was born to two foreign parents, was adopted by the Dunham's  and then given Indonesian citizenship in his time there, before he illegally was smuggled back into America.

I digress.

I have written how I believe that Marco Rubio is eligible to be President under natural born, due to special circumstances as the Natural Born clause is cloudy. I am not a Rubio supporter, but the reality is Mr. Rubio's parents were born under the US protectorate of Cuba, as an American territory, and then produced a son named Rubio in Miami.
Two American protectorate parents, born in America, in that cloudy world produces Natural Born.

Congress conferred Citizenship upon Americans born in the Panama Canal Zone, which is their responsibility. That precedent, while not given to Spanish War territories specifically is a legal right of claim by association of born under the American Flag.

This though is about Ted Cruz. I focus upon the historical reality of Alexander Hamilton, one of the greatest Americans of history, was ineligible due to being born in the West Indies of foreign parents, French and Scottish.

Ted Cruz was born in the Canadian oil fields of Alberta Canada, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson and Rafael Bienvenido Cruz.
This becomes more like a legal fog, as Rafael Cruz was a Cuban on student visa who did not naturalize until 2005. His mother Eleanor was jungle fever like Stan Ann Dunham, but she was an adult American upon birth, but once again it comes to the point of Rafael Cruz was most likely born when Cuba was emancipated from America.

The reality is, just because Article 2 Section I of the Constitution does not address "dual citizenship", does not mean that it accepts it for a President, no matter what the modern legal twisters attempt as doctors of law.
The fact is the precedent is clear, that the Founders forbid anything which even appeared foreign allegiance to any foreign state in the person of President, as that office was so vital to protecting America from foreign intrigue, which has been proven the case in Barack Hussein Obama bowing to foreigners and his deliberate policy to destroy America and build it in a foreign image.

Ted Cruz being born in Canada, had dual citizenship with Canada. Cruz renounced this in 2014, and by doing this admitted he had foreign legal citizenship. That according to Constitutional Law negates Ted Cruz from becoming President of the United States.

There is a difference in a John McCain born to American parents in the Canal Zone, as those births are American, just as any American couple producing a child anywhere in the world is an American child, but that child must be registered as soon as possible to legally show the intent the child is American, and not raised years in some Muslim school in Indonesia under another identity.

Ted Cruz was legally Canadian. Marco Rubio was never legally Cuban, but his parents were, and were born under American mandate. John McCain was born of American parents in the American Zone of the Panama Canal. Barack Obama, no matter the scenario was birthed somewhere, either in a foreign country or at Hawaii, and those parents were either foreign, under age or had fraudulent documents.

In that Obama is ineligible. Cruz is ineligible. Rubio is eligible. McCain was eligible.

As far as Bobby Jindal, he is ineligible, as the Constitution infers by intent, that both parents were to be American Citizens. That could be naturalized or Natural Born. Jindals parents were residents only, from India, a former British colonial protectorate. He probably like Obama could be Prime Minister of England, but he could not be President of the United States.

All of this matters in the Obama overthrow of America, because with all these border invaders, it is going to be in the coming years some Chinese, Iranian, Mexican or whatever born as a citizen of those nations, brought here as a teenager, and end up in the White House smashing all the Constitutional provisions being trampled on now.


I am not stating this promoting any candidate in the above. I like the Conservative politics of Bobby Jindal, but he is what he is in not being qualified. I voted for McCain due to Sarah Palin, but I loathe that fraud personally, but he was still Natural Born. These others are of that Alexander Hamilton group who can never be President.

When one is born in another nation, has citizenship of that nation, sojourns in another nation and gains citizenship of that nation, has parents who are of other nations and not American Citizens, they are ineligible to be President of America, no matter the persona bias and emotions of those backing them.

Barack Hussein Obama Chin should have proven the Founders absolutely correct in why he should have never been anywhere near anything American, as his regime was intent on violating every American Law, Constitutional and other.

America can not be resurrected from this abyss, if it has any more of these foreign entities, or these Bernie Sanders revolutionaries whose agenda is treacherous against the American Constitution.

To the Cruzlings, you are bigger than Ted Cruz. If you want a Texan of Latin birth, Texas is full of Natural Born right wing Texans of this type of birth, not having any foreign citizenship in their history. No person is bigger than the Constitution. Find an American and  vote only for them in the Office of the President.

There are massive problems with Ted Cruz politically. He appeared at a time to be one of the minders of the Tea Party which Karl Rove and others attempted to overthrow and then did ruining it as was predicted.

His Green Eggs and Ham filibuster did nothing but deflate right wing Americans, as reading on the Senate floor for a few hours provided defeat in more hope lost. He could have at least fake fainted and been dragged away like Mr. Smith, to inspire instead of deflate.

As for his wife, she is Rockefeller CFR, who wrote a policy paper to obliterate America. Seriously, Cruz voters, if you were married to a Muslim who was plotting to destroy America, would you think you should be trusted as President? Would you trust anyone like that? There is not any difference in a Muslim plotting American obliteration or a Rockefeller crony.

People should not be focused on Ted Cruz being a Canadian, what they should be focused on his real politics, not the facade he has put on. This is a brilliant man, a skilled debater and a master manipulator who has convinced all he is not what he is behind closed doors. That is the kind of person who ends upon of FOX attempting to politically assassinate Donald Trump or at the Wall Street Journal in Peggy Noonan, voting for Obama.
Obama lied to the world in stating he would be like Reagan in 2008, when every sound mind knew he was a damned leftist by his associations and actions.
Ted Cruz talks a good game, but his reality is what has to be focused on in he cares nothing about the Constitution or else he would not even be trying to see if it would shred a bit more to let him be in the White House.

Ted Cruz has nothing in common with George Washington or Alexander Hamilton, as neither would have put Americans in the position of making a choice, that should have been made by a true Patriot in not running.

Nuff said.