Friday, August 28, 2015

The Trump Zone



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have had it with the cartel mongrelization of the peoples of the West with these Muslims and Vatican Mexicans for these first world people's downfall. A solution must be put forward, and as John Kerry of American State, is only intent on taking American gun rights, sodomizing the world and nuclear arms to Shia terrorists, a new vision must be brought forward.

I loathe nation building. It has proven an absolute failure and was designed to bleed and extort money from Americans. I do though contemplate something which I have named in honor of future President, Donald Trump.

I deem these Trump Zones. The reality is, the Lame Cherry calls for Eminent Domain to be enacted for the first, second and third world good, as the West can not absorb these diseased welfare refugees of failed communist states in the 3rd world.

The Trump Zones are simple. I call for one in Northern Mexico, one in North Central Africa, one in central Asia in the waste places. These would be the jurisdiction of Russia, Germany and the United States.

What these zones would be, is akin to the German Zones implemented after World War II in Europe administered by protecting powers. These would be administrations of martial law overseeing civilian appointed deputies.
We are not speaking of democracies or people having rights to choice. What we are speaking about is the American Reservation system, not turned over to the Indians, but areas which would have absolute penalties of law and order, children being educated, adults being trained  for vocations, absolutely no alcohol, drugs nor violence, with the penalties being corporal lashing and executions.

These zones would eventually become enterprise zones, with the effect of spreading this socio capitalism to neighboring nations where these refugees are pouring from. This would be accomplished under military action and punishment. The era of Obama invasions are over. Muslims remain in Asia and learn to police themselves or die. Africans stay in Africa and learn to police themselves or die. Latins learn to police themselves in Mexico or die.

All of these regions are arid and of low population.They are prime areas for the use of water reconstitution in what the Israeli state pioneered in hydroponics.

Make no mistake about this, these vagabonds are the trash of humanity. They carry disease, are uneducated and are slaves in mentality. They have no ability to rule themselves nor overthrow dictators. This their children will be educated to accomplish in self government in the exact principles of Queen Victoria and George Washington in making peoples free.

The Germans proved adept at managing Africa until their  territories were taken from them. The Russians have proven adept at managing Muslims in lower Asia. The Americans were adept at managing banana republics, but have allowed them to become communists, and this must cease, or the genocide of the west will occur.

All invaders will be tagged with RFID chips, and if the chip is removed they will face the death penalty, no matter the age. In like manner, an invader who leaves these protective zones, will be shot on sight or executed without redress on sight.

We are speaking of the genocide of the developed world, as is the Obama cartel intention. This can not be allowed, so some semblance of dealing with this issue humanely must be enacted. The most sound measure is Eminent Domain of nations waste places seized in the 3rd world, and these invaders returned, where they will be made to work to maintain the zone, be made to be educated, be cleansed of disease, be imparted with a peaceful religion and then enjoy the benefits of their labors, all under military Governor control.

Americans, Germans, Russians, English etc... did not create this problem. This is the globalist exploiting nations. Americans, Germans and Russians though have the self determination to protect their borders and mandate to protect their peoples, so their nations do not become 3rd world Obama slave pits.
The Trump Zones are the remedy for this. I do not state this is written in stone, but I do state this is the foundation to be built upon in sound principles of history and the necessary survival of civilization.