Friday, August 28, 2015

16,000 Tons of Chinaman Gold

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Yes you work 16,000 tons and what do you get?

I have mentioned previously that if America went to the Gold Standard, that it would make Russia and China who have been hoarding gold, meaning the cartel has been selling volumes of gold at inflated prices to Russia and China......into economic superpowers in an instant.

That is what the 16,000 tons is about, in China has around 16,000 tons of gold.

Let us deconstruct this, know that the Bush41 associates stole most of Russia's gold after the Soviet collapse, and that most of the Philippine gold after World War II ended up in the pockets of the elite.

Gold has a magical way of finding it's way in America to Spanish galleons bound for Spain, just like gold had a magical way of showing up in Nazi treasure troves after Germany found that gold in other nations.

We are still deconstructing, but you do get the idea that gold just seems to end up being taken from those who have it in the long run.

Now let us look at China.

You do remember China right? Same China built up by George H. W. Bush, that ate the world of resources to  that the cartels could screw Americans out of high priced everything right as American jobs were sent to Asia?

China made a great deal of money right? Bought up allot of US debt in bonds right? Now it is dumping those bonds early right...........because it had to dump all it's reserves to try and keep it's plunging stock market from going to zero right?

You are seeing a pattern here right?

Kind of looks like China is getting all it is being sponged from it now does it not?

You remember Zbigniew Brzezinski? Jimmy Cartels comtroller for the Rockfeller CFR right? He wrote a white paper awhile back that China was too big to manage and should be broken up......remember that right?
Brzezinski wants to Balkanize China to make it .......well manageable.

So let us reconstruct the deconstruct.

Got this China thing there. Lot's of money and the money is disappearing. Got lots of bond debt and dumped it......short and that money is disappearing fast as it is intended by the cartel as China tries to survive playing in the big boy world.

Now we come to gold.

Expensive gold.

Now we have two options the cartel can employ. Option one is having China's Central Bank use that gold reserve to float more credit to try to expand their imploding economy......meaning more China debt and in an Obama Super Depression, we have China debt expanding with no ability to repay that new it is a depression get it?

OK what if that gold deflates in gold at like 3000 bucks and ounce purchased, and it goes down to like 500 bucks. Sort of like making China poor and you know something, China might have to sell that gold to try to stay solvent as what is what the cartel intended all along.

Then there is that other know like Russia. All that wealth just sitting there, and how fortunate it would be to have a war break out, and have all those debt records wiped out like in World War I and II, and there is a historical record that war trade supply and seizing of gold from conquered nations.....sort of is  that redistribution of wealth.
I mean how great is that, in you got the cartel selling high priced gold to Asians who think they are smarter than Occidentals, and that gold just ends up in the Occidentals hands again for nothing and China and Russia hold the bag.

Some advice which China did not ask for. The Peking girls should have dumped the gold and crashed that market to make themselves not the target of the next phase.

It is odd how moral people are. I mean they think that is China's gold and that someone is just not going to go in and take it back.

The Chinese are such devious traders and yet they get led around like mental retards by the cartel.