Sunday, August 9, 2015

What I have to put up with


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was looking at the comments in Facebook on the exposure of the Jeb Bush ADULT children and noted two comments from people with shit for brains.

No there was not concern I might get whacked for this like Breitbart, but this is their shit for brains comments.

One was a skirt who was acting morally intellectual, like those dipshits who were for Cecil. Her comment was about normally not going in for exposure in politics of children of politicians, but in this case, it seemed the Bush  'children' were troubled.

Again, these are ADULTS, not sucking the tit!

What waves the red flag on me is this:

You have Donald Trump being politically raped, beaten and crucified to his murder and this dumb bitch has not got it through her shit for brains that this is a fight to the American death, and if you play by the high moral rules which the cartel has conditioned people with shit for brains to engage in, while the cartel pulls every devious trick in the book........the cartel wins and Americans get genocide.

The next was some Latin asking the question on the Jorge Bush police report of his crime, in not seeing Jorge's name on the report.

I mean fucking eh!!!!!!!!! Talk about being Latino is thinker than water. Geez louise, what the hell can you do with a racist jingoistic moron like this?
What does he think happened? Someone broke into Miami Dade police headquarters, forged a police report,  but left off Jorge's name as that part would be illegal.......or this was really a police report about George Zimmeran and the people who posted it figured no one would ever catch on......little alone the Bush family who would have filed charges over the slander.

Really, there are good people in the majority, I am proud of how intelligent most have been in this Trump operation in seeing through the obvious. It is just these Darwin candidates that you just .......the world would be better off if they did get thinned out really.

They remind me of the guy who phoned me up about a dump rake my dad had. I explained politely that we still used it and tried to let him down gently. To this, this dumb shit then asked me, "Well is it for sale?"

I just hate rabidly stupid people. I can deal with ignorant which is polite, but I hate rabidly stupid people. I mean these are the tards who I risk all for, and these are the tards who will not donate a thing as they spend thousands a year on an iphone to pretend they have friends, as no one wants to go near people this fricking stupid.

Oh for the Carly Fioria record as she is "surging" in the donations with dumb ass women, here is what your Carly is for:

Fiorina believes in global warming.

Fiorina believes in stem cell research.

Fiorina is for Mexican invasion.

Fiorina is for political assassination by FOX.

Fiorina is for sodomy.

Fiorina is for outsourcing US business as she did it at Hewlett Packard 

Fiorina is for Muslims in dividing Israel for a two state aparthied.

Slap black face paint or a rather smallish dick on Fiorina, and you got yourself Obama's 3rd term in Carly Fiorina.

See what I mean about what a herd people are and how they have shit for brains.

New readers will learn soon enough, I do not suffer fools and I make Donald Trump look mild in going scorched earth on those who challenge the Lame Cherry.

Oh and the picture is for the Viking, he was saying something about blondes bending over and the need for a brunette to some how balance the world. I am all for science.