Monday, August 10, 2015

What Trump Winning Looks Like


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I want each of you to pause in the fight for America, which you are waging with Donald Trump, because by God's Grace you are winning one hell of a fight.

You do remember that Hillary Clinton twin in Carly Fiorina right? Trash talking Donald Trump in the debate when Mr. Trump was not there to answer........yeah Carly is a real Amazon there doing Jeb Bush's backstabbing for him.
Then you remember Carly all up Megyn Kelly's skirt in lying about Mr. Trump and gathering in that traitor from FOX in that pervert Kelly.

Sure it was all for ratings, like the few Conservative things she thinks will bait you, as she supports Muslims, divides up Israel for Muslims, performs experiments on babies, sodomizes America and ships American jobs overseas. That is what this leftist Carly Fiorina is. She is Prescott Bush telling the people on the right the bullshit she thinks you need to hear so she can sucker you like John Boehner.

But what is this? Donald Trump still surging in the polls after the Kelly set up at FOX. Donald Trump gaining more support........and oh yes, the investigation into Carly Fiorinia is exposing what a damn fraud she is and a whore for the Bush syndicate.........and her is Carly blinking as she now says she will support Donald Trump, after each of you rained the fire of hell upon her in your fury over what was done to Donald Trump.

Carly Fiorina: I Will Support Trump If He's Our Nominee ...

Carly Fiorina says that she will support Donald Trump if he is the eventual Republican nominee. Appearing on the Hugh Hewitt Show Monday, Fiorina clarified ...

 Poor Carly, getting her ass handed to her by a real man in Donald Trump. So horrified just a few days over what Donald  Trump supposedly said....and now all she is horrified by is looking at that face in the mirror.

That is what winning looks like.

Then there is Roger Ailes. You know the Obama supporter, Bill Clinton conspirator, Rupert Murdoch agent for exploiting Americans on the right, and agent provacteur for Jeb Bush, what was it Roger did?

Why after all that lying about Megyn Kelly's blood dripping nasty snatch, there was "don't give a damn about women Aisles, phoning up Donald Trump and being all nice.

Why, because you good people shut down that fraud cable network in his over night ratings were TANKING since last Thursday.

So Aisles sends in little Homo Hannity to make nice with Donald Trump to bring the next President of these United States back to FOX and hopefully some ratings.

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes Reveals Details About 'Blunt ...

Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes revealed details Monday evening about his phone call with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. "Donald ...

You are winning people. You and Donald Trump are winning. You made the Bush Clinton conspirators blink. You backed their treacheous asses to the edge, and they scurried back pretending we all friends again, and all that political assassination just never happened.

Keep it up America. Move forward by the left and right flank, make it too expensive for them to do anything to Donald Trump, and you will take your country back.

That is what Trump winning looks like as his polling numbers are a wider spread than what is being noted.

Oh and one more thing to all these conspirators who think they can make nice for another stabbing in the back.........

Long memories and a short rope.

- Lame Cherry