Monday, August 10, 2015

Who has Sacrificed More than Donald Trump

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There is so much manipulation by the Bush and Clinton faction camps of the cartel in fear of Donald Trump, that something is being lost in all of this as these ridiculous charges keep cropping up from the Jebcave, that Donald Trump is somehow a spoiler for Hillary Clinton......which of course is a ruse hiding that Bernie Sanders and these other dunces up against Hillary Clinton are strawmen, just as most of the GOP field is nothing but strawmen put up in this race for Jeb Bush to knock down.

The reality is, Donald Trump is one of the few candidates in this race, not some shill or some knock around doll for the chosen candidates of the political elite to look like a winner against.

In boxing, in the early career of Mike Tyson, he was always pitted against boxers who were strawmen, and that is how he became champion as the great black hope to replace Ali.
This happens all the time in professional sports which is worse than WWE fake wrestling. It does not though happen with Donald Trump.

I agree with what Dick Morris assessed in his released video. Donald Trump in starting this was just testing the waters again, and once he found out he had footing, he then entered in whole heartedly.
People forget in this that Donald Trump has authored numerous books which were successful, are policy statements, and were all designed for him to be President, not a strawman for Hillary Clinton.

The fact is that Donald Trump has had costs in this which are never going to be recovered in the hundreds of millions of dollars. NBC cancelling his Apprentice program cost him several hundred million dollars over the years in residuals and marketing.
If these Jebcave operatives would have to answer that reality in no candidate would EVER lose that kind of money, as Ross Perot never did anything like this, that it is proof Donald Trump is in this for real.

There is the reality of Donald Trump is now a hunted man from the Mexican mafia. A Joaquin dope terrorist who has promised to murder Mr. Trump. That kind of reality can not be brushed aside, and again no shill for Hillary is going to risk getting murdered for what?????
For a cabinet appointment???? For denying that loser Jeb Bush the office that, let us be frank in this, Jeb Bush could not win the US Presidency with 17% of the GOP vote and 0% of the Democratic vote.
That is the real polling data in this. The GOP IS NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR JEB BUSH PERIOD. There is not any way that Donald Trump has to be in this Presidential primary to give Hillary Clinton anything.

For the record in this, Hillary Clinton has more problems from Obama's regime in the investigations going on against her, than anything Jeb Bush could ever come up against, even with intelligence assets like the New York Times carrying water for Jeb Bush, until he might be nominated, at which point they will turn on him, like they did John McCain, and then it is Hillary 2017 pressing her fat ass into the comfy chair in the Oval Office.

I have noticed the lines which are built on my line of "If Jeb Bush can't handle Donald Trump, then how can Jeb Bush handle Vladimir Putin".
The Jebtards though have run this about Trump not handling Megyn Kelly so who can he handle Vladimir Putin.

In rechecking this, Donald Trump out debated the interuppting FOX team for Jeb Bush, in Roger Aisles being a HW Bush man from long ago in setting up this smear. Donald Trump had absolutely no problems in the FOX fact he had yipping Rand Paul for Jeb Bush and that Obama in a skirt, Carly Fiorina sniping at him too, and Donald Trump still whipped them.
The only reason Fiorina is up in the polls is the world is full of a few basement males with undies on hoping old Carly will jack them off, and these unthinking twats attached to females rallying around this old fraud.

For the record, Carly Fiorina is for:

Using babies in labs for genetic research.

For partitioning the Israeli state.

Champions Muslims in their terrorism.

Outsourcing American jobs for corporate profits

Carly Fiorina lives by the one liner to gain attention while she hides she is liberal behind the line she is a conservative. Carly Fiorina is no more Conservative than Jeb Bush is.
If you want to know what Carly Fiorina is, Carly Fiorina is the democrat Hillary Clinton in the GOP primaries as Hillary Clinton says the same things, and Bill Clinton with former Republican Newt Gingrich enacted most of these right wing policies.

That needs to be said and understood. If you are voting for Carly Fiorina, she has the same female parts as Hillary Clinton and supports sodomite agendas to the same extent. THAT IS NOT CONSERVATIVE nor is her coddling Mexican invaders.

You hear the same garbage from Ann Coulter. Coulter is another minder in the political right. Coulter hates Birthers and is in league with Al Sharpton and Geraldo Rivera. They toss a few "God given" statements and take a few jabs at liberals, but at the end of the day, they are enacting the same damn policies Obama or Jeb Bush would.

As people are really stupid, I will repeat this again, Donald Trump has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in this political run already as proof he is in this race to win the Presidency.
Donald  Trump has a contract on his head from a Mexican dope lord.


Sure as hell is not Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

I loathe stupid people. I hate Jebcave tards going out and posting things, thinking they are so clever, and then by God's Grace I have to be summoned to expose what fools they are.

Donald Trump is an American in the GOP Presidential Race to win, for real, because Donald Trump has always wanted to be President, and he knows he is the best candidate in this entire field on the right and the left.

The only people in America who have given as much for America have to be traced back to 1776 when the Founders all pledged their lives, fortunes and liberty for America.

Has any other candidate in any party pledged and given as much as Donald Trump?

Hell No!!!!!!!

I repeat HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am tired having been up since 3 AM checking my cattle as the neighbors got run through the fence by damned coyotes. I am aching and I have had it with these bitchy little piss ants wasting my time crawling out from the Jebcave in this intrigue to politically assassinate Donald Trump.

You called down the wrath in your squat assassin politics, and I will bury you in that Jebcave along with these frauds, and leave you for Donald Trump as President to dig your stinking asses out to be hung at a Robe's Pierre Court.
Oh yes you Jebtards, the internet if forever and all your posts are in the NSA. You either go scurry back into your holes, or come 2017, your 3 AM call is going to be your ass dragged out of bed in your undies for belonging to a conspiracy against America, run by Jeb Bush and his closet queens of Carly Fiorina and Megyn Kelly.

*note: Jebcave was plagiarized from TL