Saturday, August 22, 2015

Who would not want to see Ruth Bader Ginsburg naked?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I got into a bit of a trouble for revealing a few years ago that the Jewish elders used the holocaust and anti semitism to herd the Jewish masses into a terrified group they could manipulate.

Then along comes Natalie Portman with this while promoting her new film........which I would never see as she is a Hillary Clinton #twatwaffle (That is the intellectual property of a Chef in  America and I hereby give due credit as it made me laugh.)

Where was I?

Oh the Portman quote:

“Sometimes it can be subverted to fear-mongering and like ‘Another Holocaust is going to happen’. We need to, of course, be aware that hatred exists, anti-Semitism exists against all sorts of people, not in the same way. I don’t mean to make false equivalences, we need it to serve as something that makes us empathetic to people rather than paranoid.”

Ms. Liberal Portman just violated the prime directive of Ashkenazism, "Thou shalt not fool with Jewish propaganda."

Portman was on a roll though in lambasting right wing Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a racist, but she followed up with this:

it’s also depressing when people think different than I do, but that is also the joy of humanity.

It is also more than depressing when Jews think different from the Jewish elite as Andrew Breitbart learned on a sidewalk in California. I doubt Portman's career is going to rise any further until she is re educated to the reality of what it is to be part of Ashkenaz Jewry.

In the meantime, Portman is going to play Jackie Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsburg in future roles...........if she survives.

Who the hell wants to see a Hollywood version of Ruth Bader Ginsburg naked?