Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Kiss of Death

Bill Clinton's expression says it all in what he thinks of Nigs on his white woman

Hillary Clinton can't get back far enough from this Coon kiss

Vernon Jordan, most powerful black in Washington


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now is the summer of discontent, when old men's hearts, fail at life spent.
Then comes the autumn of politics spent, when legacies disappear the way Wall Street went.

We are not to the point yet, but we are at the horizon of events which the Lame Cherry predicted would unfold. This is the exciting time, as Wall Street has bubbled, as the entire world is about to pop. That is good for us, as the more America is in financial jeopardy, the more the stock for Donald Trump rises politically.

Who do you want? The Gay Olde Party frauds who stood by and impoverished you, or do you want the man who knows how to make money? Yes Donald Trump.

I have warned of things though, and it is Elizabeth Warren.

When I broke the exclusive that John McCain and Elizabeth Warren were pushing a banking bill to protect all of you, it was more evidence that McCain exactly like in 2008, knew the bust was coming years before, and moved to help stop it, but was hindered by democrats.

Now we have a new vista. Hillary is having her coup topple her political head. Thus begins the headlines which matter the most, in Aaron Burr  Biden is now meeting with Elizabeth Warren at the Vice Presidential mansion.

Biden is in the dark on this yet concerning Warren, and has not made up his codger mind. At 72, it is the geezer games on the Cementary, I mean Democratic side in old Hillary, old Sanders and old Biden...........two of which have brain dysfunctions as medical conditions.

Elizabeth Warren was supposed to give Biden the royal touch, but she has not. This is a game of Biden feeling out Warren for a Vice Presidential position and if she has really decided not to run. Warren though in those who back her, have stipulated that she would not run as long as Hillary was running. Warren now has the options of what this is gelling to.

Biden has no support to run. The race then comes down to Donald Trump the financial winner to Biden who was the guy in the seat next to the economic terrorist named image Obama who brought about this global depression by looting the US Treasury.

Even with Warren on the ticket, Biden is the dead weight.

It all comes back to Elizabeth Warren, and the reality that somewhere in DC there has been a meeting, where it has been discussed who it was that would approach Hillary Clinton to get a lamp smashed over their head in telling her to go to the glue factory.

"They" want Vernon Jordan to give Hillary the kiss of death.

That should go over real well in a black again telling Hillary Clinton to content herself with Huma's lips as her booby prize.

Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.