Sunday, September 27, 2015

60 Minutes to the Trump Presidency

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump was provided Sunday a major step to winning the Republican nomination and winning the Presidency of these United States, by none other than the television program 60 Minutes.

The 60 Minutes demo group is the wonks with cash, meaning they are football fans coming off of Sunday football, and the geezer crowd which likes to convince themselves that they are intelligent and more caring about the world. This group demo got it's first introduction to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and the essence of it was this first fact.

Fact 1: When one is placed on the stage with the preeminent world leader in President Vladimir Putin, that makes one, Donald Trump, a preeminent world leader too.

The reality in assessing this seemingly odd event of promoting Donald Trump, as Mr. Trump did very well with Scott Pelley, and CBS made Mr. Trump look very good, is the fact of the old history of the Bush family in HW in his Sunday slap around of Dan Rather and the W. forgegate set up that destroyed Dan Rather, had CBS providing a half hour campaign commercial for Mr. Trump, upon a stage with a greatest world leader of the age, and that makes in the viewers mind, Donald Trump IS President.

Fact 2: Mr. Putin acquitted himself as not a beast, but as a reasonable, likable and respectful, intelligent person. Not the Marco Rubio dragon to slay, but the Donald Trump partner to negotiate with.

The Lame Cherry mentioned the matrix was trending that Marco Rubio would be the Vice President. I do not appreciate this person of interest, but Rubio's name coming up, means CBS is pushing Rubio, and with Donald Trump as President, this is the ultimate cutting off of the knees of Jeb Bush.

Fact 3: There is not one political candidate from Hillary Clinton to Jeb Bush, who would not have sold body parts or killed people, to get that kind of feature which 60 Minutes just handed over to Donald Trump. This was deliberate by 60 Minutes in giving the stage to Mr. Trump, and as Don Hewitt noted in making John F. Kennedy and William J. Clinton Presidents, Donald Trump in effect was made President on Sunday evening.

None of this should be lost on any of you, as this the most interesting turn of events in quite some time. Leslie Stahl followed up with a story that the last American Rare Earth processing company was being shut down, and the Obama regime while favoring nuclear enemy China, was not attempting to keep this vital national resource available for American security.
Again, another reason to vote for Donald Trump.

This is a game changer event. The entire political field has been neutralized, with only Marco Rubio appearing in a secondary slot for the Republicans as the Democrats do not matter. The only dangling spew for liberals was that Mr. Trump did not poll high in latins and blacks, but the reality is, Mr. Trump polls at high margins for a Republican and high enough to shatter a Democratic candidates vote structure to win........that translates in Donald Trump as President.

Donald Trump on the stage with world leader Vladimir Putin, that makes Donald Trump the world leader and President of America, in the American voting psyche.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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