Monday, September 14, 2015

A Glimpse Inside You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I often enough attempt to explain not the web of life, but the matrix web in how it is like a spider web in each person or spiritual entity is interconnected. One being's thought sends out a frequency which resonates through all. At various stages of emotional make up, a person is more or less affected by evil or good.

I place this lesson as a witness, as this does require an explanation in this world, so there are no excuses or doubts. I will utilize my own life at center for this teaching and the above photo as the focal point.

So God moves me to write this blog, and in trying to be decent to those who are friendly to this blog, I am on Facebook posting the Truth.

A great many people read this blog. Some are intellectual cowards, some are cowards, some are groupies, some are unaccomplished types that they think if they can get me to do something or think they prove me wrong, they will elevate their worthlessness in their minds to something, some are minders, etc..... I leave it at that, and some are normal people who beat up themselves too much as they are good children.

I do this job with various other jobs in I am quite busy. I type this at past 11 pm and have been going since 7 am this morning. I will not be asleep until almost 1 am if I am fortunate.
I have to do numbers of jobs in a day around here, plus the constant listening to the Spirit of God and then writing things here which need exposure as the children and brats keep jumping to their destruction in the abyss every time I am not around for a few hours.

So I am on Facebook, and I am a bit too effective. The sodomites go nuts in intel. The geektards at Facebook go nuts in what I post. The Zuck does not appreciate being outed as a pervert, and then the trolls are either threatening me or reporting Facebook tries to phish for my data in phone numbers, and the more information I provide, the more frustrated they become as it does not still reveal where I am and who I am.

All of this involves not just keyboard strokes, but numbers of quite evil people and various types of "christians" to degenerate who are thinking dark counsels against me in what would be termed prayers or spells.

So these waves come here and in being distracted, fatigued and busy, more often than not, a manifestation of evil takes place. One happened to be a piece of artwork involving butterflies that my deceased sister created as a child, simply had the wire hook break off and it fell off the wall and almost hit Mom as she was napping.
The other is the above in that quite large leg wound she had inflicted on her, while tending some of her pet goats, a demon pushed her leg down to tear that massive piece of flesh out.

Of course as I told the Captain, Mom is tough and does not want to be bothered by things, so she doctored it herself and I never found out about it until 7 that night, and too late for a doctor in Obamacare. I could have stitched it earlier in the day, but all I could do was scowl in bloody socks.......yes it was a bloody sock in the trash I spotted that first alerted me something was up, and her blood soaked through pants.

It has been interesting though and I place this partly here for others, as in the Great Tribulation you are not going to have doctors or super glue to fix things. What was most interesting in this wound now 5 days old, is the blood formed not a scab or clot, but a sort of elastic living skin.
This wound has not mattered as in pus any time. It does not drain, except a slight outline on the bandage. I place antibiotic ointment on it, and keep it covered, but this is healing in a most natural way.
It is kept clean. No sweating. I have a military sock which I have on it to give it support and protection, but it is just doing quite well. The "meat" has reattached with the lower epidermis, but the upper looks a bit white, as it was one huge tear. It is though doing what it is supposed to do in this situation and it will heal.

Now for the reality part. The malevolent people at Facebook, the people in real life, and whoever else has had thoughts about me......and there were many who did not like what I post for facts, are responsible for the above. You are going to answer for this, as satan performed the attack with your assistance, and satan will come to collect in amplified harm to you and yours.
In nature, you have unleashed a like wave which will return as this is a neutral force.
In God, you have touched us, for we are God's and you will be reckoned with for this harm.

I take this all serious and I will be avenged. You are responsible and this sword of Justice out there, created by you, and it is returning to sender as that is the way all of this works by design.
What is most perfect in this, is you are never ever going to get satan paid back for this letting of innocent blood. The blood is on your souls and satan is going to keep collecting ever larger pounds of flesh as the devil manifests interest..........just the way things are in things amplify.

If you had any sense, you would be afraid. Those behind this though will be in denial, slap Jesus on it or hide behind their money, but the facts do not change, and you will be repaid for this and with this published the loop is complete and all can manifest for God's Glory.

You deserve it. You also have caused more than this, as your evil, strums others who are not me, and they suffer from what you are, an instrument of satan.
I am just giving you a glimpse of  what you really are from my dead Emma to this tearing of Mom's leg. That is your work and numerous other things we have had put upon in doing this vocation we have been called.

For the good, you will receive good blessings. For the bad, you are cursed and receive what you have sown, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

I warned people to  be nice to me, as things work here a bit more complex than in your trash and burn existences, where satan protects you and your own. Now the cover has changed as you owe satan, have no protection from God and nature is against you.

You are completely, totally and absolutely responsible now for what happens to you and yours.
Sealed in Jesus Name.