Monday, September 14, 2015

Terminal Living

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I related here the horror story of Obamacare in my cousins wife, who suffered from COPD or heart failure, needed a heart, and was denied. She died this past summer and is a casualty of Obamacare.......same Obamacare that just gave David Rockefeller his 6th heart transplant.

TL and I ran into our neighbor the other day. He is the one who has helped Mom a great deal when we were in the metro. His mom has had a several decades long battle with diabetes, and as she has aged, it compounded about 7 years ago in breaking her brittle bones and I thought she would die then, but she has had pancreatic problems, heart problems, blood pressure, breathing problems, and each time she rallies.

This past June she fell down, from a new mix of medications an expert gave her which almost killed her. I expected her to die, but she was put into therapy at a retirement home and in 5 weeks they brought her back home.

Our neighbor has doctors in their family and nurses, so this is not some ignorant group of people. So when I asked him about his mom, he said, "She is not so good, has good days and bad days, and if she goes to the doctor again, the doctors are going to put her into a nursing home."

That stunned me. I asked how that was going to happen and he said, "I don't know, is just what I heard my dad and my sister talking about. His sister who is a nurses aide, is now employed he said by them to take care of their mom. It would be cheaper to pay her salary than end up paying 3000 dollars a month to a nursing home where his mom would be sure to die.
I have watched nursing homes, just like cancer patients, in how great the care is for them, until the insurance runs out, and then interestingly the old folks catch influenza and are dead in a week, same with cancer patients in they get great treatment, but when the insurance runs out, they are dead in months.

What I can discern from this is, our neighbor's mom does well enough, but when something goes wrong, her condition is bringing about treatments which the Obamacare, even with insurance is costing too much. So this American woman, is going to have her rights denied her, her family literally will have no say in her staying with them, and the state will simply seize their family member and put them in a death camp.

Sarah Palin has gone silent about her rationed death, but I am watching my family members and my neighbors experiencing rationed death. That is the problem in this, in Sarah Palin and all the Rockefeller rich, have their little bastard babies from their daughters who can afford care, and the state never gets it's hands on a baby Bristol. The rest of Americans, numbering now over 94 million unemployed and Veterans, are in a roulette of no rights. The cylinder spins and if the bullet comes up, we are dead.

Literally, my neighbor's mom is a woman with her own home and property. She is a Citizen who has never been in trouble with the law and is a good person. She has heart trouble, breathing problems and diabetic, and under Obamacare she has no rights as an American. She literally has to stay at home and tough it out, in not seeking medical care now, because if she does go to the doctor, she will be incarcerated and received rationed death.

I will never forget this neighbor, who was about as wide as he was high, with her big red lips bear hugging my brother and me at my dad's funeral in planting a kiss on us in compassion.

She deserves better as all Americans do, but instead she is going to have rationed death, and each of you when your time comes, is going to face the same fate. You are nothing but those same dairy cows being abused to death in Obama agribusiness. You cease being something to make money off of and you are terminated.