Monday, September 14, 2015

America the Beautiful - Trump the Beautiful

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I enjoy observing the parrots of the zoo, as I noticed today that Ann Coulter and Mother Jones were seeking to pin Donald Trump to his favor among Americans linking it to "immigration" which the world is starting to call it after the Lame Cherry preached on it, in INVASION.

Jones actually listed John Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding and Herbert Hoover as the Five Times America Elected Donald Trump.

I liked this Wilson quote best:

"Most immigrants to the United States no longer came from "the sturdy stocks of the North of Europe," but rather from places like southern Italy, Hungary, and Poland, where "there was neither skill nor energy nor any initiative of quick intelligence."

"Oriental coolieism will give us another race problem to solve and surely we have had our lesson."

The "another" problem was speaking of Democrat Wilson's "nigger problem" which was a drain on America.

Coulter and Jones are engaged in Mockingbird propaganda. It is clever, because in this scheme if Mr. Trump is taken down, then the invasion of the western world will never be an issue again.

What requires setting the record straight as only the Lame Cherry can and will, what the Lame Cherry wrote previously, and it is what Donald Trump has expressed, and it is not about immigration or invasion for the reason his polling numbers cut across right and left wing, black, white, brown, male and female, and it is this reality:

Donald Trump has voiced one issue, and that he is fed up with Americans being blamed and made a scapegoat in being kicked around. This is what Americans have endured for a generation unfairly.
When the media from the New York Times, FOX, Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt etc... all started kicking the hell out of Donald Trump, that is when Mr. Trump's numbers rose.......not for his being hammered, and not for his fighting back, but because Americans had affinity with that experience in being beaten and resisting. When they saw Mr. Trump enduring what they endured, no matter the race, creed  or color, Americans across the board knew Donald Trump was someone exactly like them.

That is what is lost on all of these media mic heads and the little trolls picking at what Donald Trump says or does not say. This is not Teflon Don, but Americans are not listening to the things Mr. Trump says minutely, because he has already passed the American Tribe test in being just like other Americans. They are rallying to Donald Trump, the same way Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie rallied to the Alamo. It does not matter what the issue was or is. What matters is Donald Trump is a symbol of these United States and voters are backing that symbol over the symbol of crony America in Obama, Clinton and Bush.

America does not want an Obama 3rd term. They want a legitimate President who thinks and acts like they do, not in words or deeds, but that Donald Trump does not back down.

The Mockingbird media is not telling you this, as is it not scripted for them as they are dense as hell. Jake Tapper thinks the debate is about him and people are tuning in to see him and not the next President in Mr. Trump.
The Stanford Protocols were on auto pilot when it came to Mr. Trump. The experts wrote him off, used the typical cause and effect, and expected Mr. Trump to be gone, and all of you to scurry away and accept Bushton's noose around your neck. They dropped the ball in dealing with Mr. Trump, and instead by their attacks, actually cemented Mr. Trump's base into a movement which was already ready for change they believed in.

Their latest attempt to attach Donald Trump entirely to invasion by Coulter and Jones is a ploy that means some future operation will attempt to bring Mr. Trump down by this link. The reality is though, that Donald Trump has become the Symbol of America, like John Wayne.
There is a line in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, in if the story does not match, just print the legend in the press. Donald Trump is the American Legend as John Wayne was, and as Ronald Reagan's Shining City on the Hill.

The world is moving to an anti Christ in Europe. The massive invasions there and in America are scaring people, just as the economic implosion is scaring people. All of those cartel instigated frights are only going to assist Donald Trump in the primaries and elections.

People need to understand this most are dense as hell. They take propaganda and run with it. Linking Donald Trump to a race of dirty Mexicans as Coulter and Jones are attempting is not Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is that purple mountain majesty, those amber fields of grain, that sea to shining one knows what the hell those things are, but they are what that waving American Flag means to people in their creating America in their own hearts.

Donald Trump is in the American people's hearts. As long as he stays there, there is nothing, just like Ronald Reagan which will change people's minds. Those 40 million Trump voters, are now out and about in every conversation conditioning all the other Americans creating a collective hum like the song American the Beautiful.

America has had enough of the Ugly American of Obama, and is demanding the Beautiful American which they all try to be, and who  they see Donald Trump is.

Those are the dynamics in this. Do not be conditioned by the same Coulter and Jones who intimidated you to keep Obama in office over the Birther issue.

Donald Trump is America, and attacking Donald Trump is attacking America, like jihadists beheading Americans and Mexicans burning the America Flag.