Friday, September 25, 2015

Bankrupt Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As this has had time to settle or cool off from the Chris Wallace gotcha on FOX concerning Donald Trump going "bankrupt", I am moved to explain this as no one ever has, including Mr. Trump.

First in this, no one goes "bankrupt" Donald Trump never was bankrupt, as his holdings are in a corporate structure for business and other businesses, in order to protect his personal assets from seizure. Businesses which Mr. Trump held under his corporation did though file bankruptcy and that is what is the correct term.

Bankruptcy if you remember is what many Patriot economists said should have taken place in the 2008 Obama Super Crash engineered to get him installed. Banktruptcy filings or forcing insolvent corporations like Lehman Brothers puts the action into the courts, where investors are protect, bankers are protected and corporations are protected.
What this does in various Chapter 11's, is allow for a cooling off period in which a business or person who is being hounded by creditors, to set up a payment or loan forgiveness program or even the selling off of resources to satisfy the mortgage.

If America had done this, America would not have had Obama stealing what was left of a trillion in TARP to pay off his bad terror credit card donations to his campaign, and that other 7.3 trillion looted from the US Treasury for the stock markets to inflate them.

Once you understand the reality of economics, you understand Chris Wallace was a propagana tool or a complete idiot in economics, as the term going bankrupt was a propaganda tool to stigmatize people in hard economic times, so they would not protect themselves and the JP Morgan and Rockefeller robber barons could seize all they had.

Donald Trump correctly applied business practice and saved America from bailing him out or causing further economic turmoil to his lenders.

With that stated, I have had with the Limbaugh mic heads always saying they would want Donald Trump to be talking on issues. If they listened, Mr. Trump has spoken on issues, and in this I will address the economic issue, as his basic plan is simply this:

Drop corporate taxes to zero for companies who come back to America from overseas job forces like Nabisco sending Oreos to Mexico, and  those companies will then be hiring Americans.
This will employ the 94 million Americans, and start the economy growing at a fast rate. This will provide more in taxes to pay off Obama debt, and as importantly the Fed will raise interest rates so investors will be paid something for saving money in banks again.

All of this Trump policy is without one dollar in "Obama Stimulus" of those billions squandered which were nothing but money laundering to Obama donors for their donations later. Corporations get a tax cut, but that money goes to employing Americans here, who then will pay taxes on that money in income tax.
Once again, Mr. Trump has issued a three stage flat rate tax, so it will be simple and fair with poor people paying less than now, and the IRS intimidation will be finished.

Donald Trump understand economics and business as he has show in utilizing bankruptcy courts to protect himself, lenders and investors. He understands the business employs peopel not the failed money dumps of stimulus packages of Obama. He understands that to make jobs, corporations are the most ready source and that no taxes will be lost, as employed people will be paying those taxes, and not the deluge of welfare payments to 94 million people now.

Americans do not have to work 80 hours a week under Jeb Bush slave labor and Americans do not have to work for 11 dollars an hour in Ben Carson 19,000 dollar a year jobs which are 9000 dollars below the poverty level. Americans can have good jobs and Donald Trump will see to that by his policies he has espoused. Mr. Trump does not have to do anything else, except see that illegals are not given these jobs, and he will ignite the American economy.
Mr. Trump has stated that he will have all illegals deported in 2 years, so that problem is solved too in national debt, and illegals sending money out of America which is not spent in America for jobs, but in Mexico and China.

You can realize in this, that Donald Trump is the person who understands your needs. He is not lying to you like Chris Wallace, sending your jobs overseas like Carly Fiorina, not expecting you to work for slave wages like Ben Carson and not expecting you to be worked to death like Jeb Bush.

Nuff said.