Friday, September 25, 2015

The Study of the Hatred of Mark Zuckerberg


As the T shirt expressess, "everyone loves a Jewish boy", the reality
is that everyone hates Mark Zuckerberg with a passion by comments online

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Before Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook began terrorizing the Lame Cherry, I honestly did not give this stooge of the NSA a great deal of thought, as he was inconsequential as a dog shit on your neighbor's lawn. He was some other person's problem and what is another intellectual minder who believes the same spew that Tavistock spews out to Bill Gates and all these other trolls in how they are unique, the only one who could do the job and part of something bigger...........

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Donates $992 Million to Charity ...

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Donates $992 Million to Charity Funding Planned Parenthood. ... The donations benefited Planned Parenthoods in ...

That changed tough as Zuckerberg started attacking the workings of this blog. Research started uncovering all sorts of bizarre deviancy in this pervert from posing with women's panties, to having a history of promoting child rape, and things like donating a billion dollars to exterminate blacks in America.
For those who need reminding, Planned Parenthood has a majority of their baby butchering facilities in black neighborhoods across America, whose body parts are sold for genetic experimentation and profit.
Mark Zuckerberg poses with the image of Obama, but both are intent on black genocide, and replacing them with Latins.

It was the say that Facebook went down, which is an impossibility with NSA computer networks. There are always backup servers, there is back up power.......that can not take place, unless someone is Fuxnetting the servers to hijack Zuckerberg is off bowing to Peking communists and nattering Chinaman talk at them, learned from his China doll minder baby carrier.

I started reading the comments on the story, and there was not one which was positive about Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook. They were hateful, in a deep abiding type of hatred and contempt. These people not only celebrated Facebook going down, but relished the thought of it being electrocided permanently.

This seems odd, considering most of these people are centrist or left of center, being the modern intellectual. Zuckerberg is one of them, and yet he has somehow seen to it, that he has offended immense swaths of people around the globe.

As I type this, I ponder this from a forensic psychological point of diagnosis and it begins to make sense. Facebook is a stage for people to star in, in their own identity in finally having friends and people noticing what they are doing. Zuckerberg though has a history of denying people their identity, nuking them for thinking things not globalist Zuckerberg Big Brother's Mandate, and locking them out from being who they are......literally denying intellectually intelligent people, who are the  equal of Zuckerberg in computers, and his superior in not looking in every picture like a 10 year old half wit girl being surprised she got her 40th Barbie doll gift on her birthday.

There is real hatred out there for Mark Zuckerberg. It is steeped in this Obama Super Depression of the NSA funding Zuckerberg with billions of dollars, while these people are being cheated out of the American Dream.

I project things out, and this hatred of Mark Zuckerberg goes across all spectrums, races and creeds. It is akin to the snot in high school with all the expensive toys, the teacher's pet who gets away with everything, and on the street the cops leave him alone as he has connections, while the rest of the student body sits in detention, looking for a ride home, as the cops glare at them, because Zuckerberg informed on them for having  party this prick was not invited to, as everyone hated him since 3rd grade when he got first prize in the science fair for a project his parents got for him from NASA.

I observe the mob and note their intimate hatred for Mark Zuckerberg as this E Bully terrorizes more people each day, flips the bird to all who pass by, and then poses non stop with that fucknuts idiot expression that everyone wants to slap off his face.


In the coming revolution, how long do you think that estate which Zuckerberg has surrounded himself with is going to last in Silicon Valley when the mob decides it is going to have a little fun? Same mob which has  cops on it who Zuckerberg has been booting off Facebook.

This honestly progresses out, that the mob for fun and for police state burning off the riot, might just be steered to Mark Zuckerberg's estate to give it the Saddam treatment that Iraqi's did to those palaces after the revolution broke out.
The hatred I see for Zuckerberg appearing online, is something which in a frenzy of mob emotion, looks like something the Obama Muslims unleashed on sodomite Chris Stevens in Benghazi. Mark Zuckerberg has become a focal point of fury due to his using Facebook as his own creeper port pissing everyone one else off.

The intellectual is one of the worst mobs to be let loose, in children denied nice things, looking to right wrongs, and fomenting things like the French Revolution in burning down all the estates of their noble terror thugs. I honestly assess this, that out of all the people in America, Mark Zuckerberg is someone who when the  time of revolution appears, is going to have a mob visit his estate which will have him whimpering like the child he is, as they abuse him, until they leave him as a pile of mush in the bushes.

There is great fury in America in all of this Obama inflicted police state suffering, and for the elite and wealthy in all other areas of this world, your mobs are not going to be able to get at Mark Zuckerberg for what he did to them, and they will appear at your gates, and vent upon you, because every community always has one pompous ass who every person hates, and the comment among the natives is always, "If I ever got the chance, I would make that bitch pay".

Donating a billion dollars to genocide black babies, or donating for tax deductions so you get your picture on the news, might make the elite believe the lie they are better than everyone else, but among the mob, all the mob sees is a pile of money, that if Ferguson circumstances allowed, would be ending up in their pockets as they watched your big screen TV, with their feet propped up on your corpse.

No one has ever considered any of this, how one Mark Zuckerberg, could so antagonize a growing segment of the mob, and how in a revolution that mob will retaliate with police state assistance, as the other richtards in the community decide it is better the local Zuckerberg is fed to the mob, than for their to be paid back for being such asses to the oil on the asphalt.

That is the study of the hatred of Mark Zuckerberg. In a coming revolution, all of these elite will not escape and will be vented upon as they always are in every revolution. Mark Zuckerberg just happens to be the one taunting "let them eat cake" which gets 11 million other assholes guillotined as that is what the mob always does when unleashed and the police state offers up their rich antagonists to feed the mob.