Friday, September 4, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

By now the world has been inflamed in the Sarah Palin moment of gotcha radio in Hugh Hewitt was grilling President elect Donald Trump over the turban heads of terror, and no one knows these Obama trolls, as the media has been covering up all their identities.........but to course this is where Hugh Hewitt lifted his skirt and played Katie Couric.

I instead desire to throw down on this and expose BUSH BROADCASTING. Oh you did not know that the Bush family has it's own communication's network do you? You have no idea they have had their own propaganda wing with full shadow government protection and promotion?

Well, the Lame Cherry is going to expose this Mockingbird in leading around the Christian Right by the nose in SALEM RADIO NETWORK, which is the conglomerate who houses Hugh Hewitt.

What you have to understand about Salem is it pimps money in Christian music and Christian ministries, but on the side it has an entire division of these Hugh Hewitt "conservatives" who are nothing but Jeb Bush radicals.

Here is the cast of Salem daily:


Just to make you aware of things, Bill Bennett is the guy who was protecting the Supreme Court when it was making pro Obama decisions. Mike Gallagher is buddies with Aspen Institute Foster Friess and his Jimmy Carter radicals. Michael Medved is the conservative who hates conservatives, and the rest of this mix is Hugh Hewitt who is part of the Gay Olde Party political assassination round of trying to destroy Donald Trump for Jeb Bush.

The two who managed Salem are Lee Habeeb and Phil Boyce. Habeeb is a Buckley CIA worshiper and Boyce came directly out of ABC propaganda.

As for Hewitt, he is a John F. Kennedy catholic school boy, and an Obama Harvard graduate, who got his job doing Poison Pen for Richard Nixon, as Richard Nixon hired two children to the system in Laura Ingraham and Hewitt to compose for him. You can see how well this paid off in a Nixon hating America of broadcasting in these intelligence assets were placed at the top of Mockingbird to manipulate all of you.

As Hewitt's resume grows, we find him writing a book called A MORMON IN THE WHITE HOUSE and he donated 2000 dollars to Mitt Romney's campaign. Gee do you think this might explain where the gotcha coordinated questions came from in the GOP establishment against Donald Trump?
I warned all of you to watch this little piss ant Hewitt as he is a stooge of the people enslaving you.

As far as the GAYDAR goes, Hewitt runs at 50%. Oddly for a "christian conservative" nothing is mentioned about his wife "Betsy" or if they ever had sex, as nothing of a family life is mentioned.

The people who employ Hewitt in this brand of "christianity" are Edward G. Atsinger III and Stuart W. Epperson.

"Atsinger is also a member of a secretive entity called the Capital Commonwealth Group (CCG) comprised of four multi-millionaires who collaborate to maximize their influence by recruiting and funding candidates for state political office in California: Howard Ahmanson (heir to the Home Savings & Loan fortune); Rob Hurtt (president of Container Supply Company, and now a state senator); Edward Atsinger III (owner of 19 Christian radio stations); and Roland Hinz (publisher of dirt bike magazines). In 1992, as the press began to report on CCG and its links to the Radical Right, Ahmanson, Hurtt, Atsinger, and Hinz formed Allied Business PAC.

Epperson is chairman of Salem Communications Corporation, the "leading U.S. radio broadcaster focused on religious and family themed programming with 92 radio stations in 36 radio markets. He has served in that role since founding the company in 1986 with brother-in-law, Edward G. Atsinger III. Mr. Epperson is a graduate of Bob Jones University with a bachelor's degree in radio and television broadcasting and a master's degree in communications.

Are you beginning to notice something in all of this about how the "christian political right" is promoting non Christian and no Conservative broadcasters and policies, ruining the electoral process?

This becomes deeper as this is all coordinated, and it was coordinated with Karl Rove and George W. Bush.

Huh? This Salem group of in family control, created something like Rockefeller's CFR which is the CNP or Council for National Policy. They literally were connected at the hip with the Bush administration and the entire GOP elite in Congress.

"Many Republican House and Senate candidates, as well as the Bush/Cheney campaign (Bush-Cheney '04 Inc.), the Republican National Committee, and the Republican Majority Issues Committee, the issue advertising committee formed by [Tom] DeLay, have been the beneficiaries of not only Atsinger's largesse, but that of Salem Communications' political action committee as well."

Salem's has a reporter in the White House, and they were partying with Scott McClellan in the basement all of those we return to this, in who do you think Hugh Hewitt was asking questions for when he is a Romney boy and his billionaire bosses are in bed with the Bush family and Boehner with McConnell?

Do you remember that little election problem in Ohio, and their Secretary of State had to sweep in and rescue George W. Bush? Yes J. Kenneth Blackwell is now an employee of Salem in a pay off.

Look when things are criminal under Obama and manipulations which you hate, they are just as criminal when Megyn Kelly or Hugh Hewitt are conducting vote tampering for the powers that be.

The Council for National Policy is every bit in proving it is Trump hating and Bush feudal rapine as anything the left has out there. This is what CNP is:

Dead Billionaires Club like the Adolph Coors Foundation, the Koch brothers, Richard DeVos, Richard Scaife and other billionaires and foundations who have invested heavily in developing a complex web of far-Right groups, think-tanks and politicians over the last forty years to return the United States to its pre Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 19th century capitalist roots.

...and guess who pops up in this voicing for this group again, but Foster Friess.

"The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before of after a meeting," the New York Times reported in August 2004.
According to the Salt Lake Trib in 2007: "Members are told not to discuss the group, reveal the topics discussed in the closed-door meetings, or even say whether or not they are members of the organization. 'You're not supposed to be here,' said a grinning Foster Friess, who was pleasant but steadfast in his unwillingness to talk about the group."

You hear nothing about CNP, and everything about Skull and Bones to the Bohemian Grove on the right and the Council on Foreign Relations on the left, but nothing about this secretive group of billionaires who hide in Christianity, but just unleashed on Donald Trump in a phase 3 political assassination campaign.

Sorry for this not being posted on Facebook, but that billionaire for Obama has begun the censoring process of shutting this blog down. You are not going to hear any of this from FOX, Homo Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin, who keep promoting the same sodomite skew that Hugh Hewitt's employers are.

This is Bush Broadcasting and while you were told that Hugh Hewitt did a gotcha on Donald  Trump, you were not told one thing about who he is employed by and for. Hugh Hewitt coordinated with the Bush Romney people, exactly as Roger Ailes, Megyn Kelly and FOX coordinated with this same nefarious group.

Now you know the identity of this shadowlands operational sub group or propaganda, and you thought it was all Christian.........and you should figure out it is intelligence promoted as you never have heard a blessed thing about any of this now have you, except on the Lame Cherry in another exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oh one more thing, does the name ROTHSCHILD mean anything to you? Guess who sits on the board of CNP other than, Kathleen Teague Rothschild.

For many years... on the Advisory Board of the U.S. Council for World Freedom, which is the U.S. branch of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), home for many fascists and neo-Nazis

Gee did not know that Neo Nazi's and Fascists were speaking for you, backing the Bush Romney group, and yes trying to take down Donald Trump.

Give a lil nazi salute there Hugh Hewitt.......I bet he never brings that up on his daily broadcast either.