Friday, September 4, 2015

Jeb Bush Florida Legacy


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We often hear of the stories on Drudge about the liberal slaughter pit which Chicago is and rightly deserves, but we never hear a word about Tampa Bay.

Why would anyone be interested in Tampa Bay? It is because it is part of the Jeb Bush Florida legacy, a legacy which strangely manifests in the Jeb Bush 2008 words to Republicans, in how all of them should be more like Barack Hussein Obama.

Tampa Bay has a unique distinction in not have a liberal NFL football franchise, but Tampa Bay is home to the largest homeless population in America. Yes one would think it surely had to be San Francisco which was liberally driving bums from the street so as to not be seen by the world for the Super Bowl, but it is not. The greatest concentration of people without any hope is Jeb Bush's Florida legacy.

There was no preparation by Bush for Florida when the bottom dropped out in 2008. Everything was in a spiral, and Tampa was leading that trend in misery.

I was speaking with someone, a missionary who takes children to different places in North America to volunteer to do good works for those in need. In Tampa Bay, there is a group which is a combined ministries group which is doing a phenomenal job. This group literally has a city within this city of about 3 blocks in a complex which houses 100 families who are homeless.
It is a unique group in they are quite corporal in there is no smoking, drinking, drugs or violence allowed. Every adult is required to be trained for a job, their children are required to attend school. In this way, the people know the rules and if they violate the rules, they are shown the gate to never return.
This tough love works in this Christian ministry as the people know they have to keep every rule and there are consequences if they do not.

This is not though some "pick them up by their boot straps and slap  them on the ass to send them away" ministry. In order to maintain control of these vagabonds, when people do leave, the children must stay in the Christian school, and the adults are monitored.

People do not understand what worthless trash is in America and is coming to America. These families which are being trained literally to be human, are people who need to be taught how to balance their own finances, care for their children, keep records of what they do, and how to be humans and not animals.
That is what these beasts are. They are not human nor American. They are animals which were created and drawn to Jeb Bush's Florida.

Hope for the Homeless in Tampa | Metropolitan Ministries

Metropolitan Ministries is a catalyst for helping the homeless in Tampa. We work with donors, volunteers and community members to provide food, housing, education and ...

That is the legacy of Jeb Bush and no one knows it, and it begs the question of why? Why does the world not know that Jeb Bush's legacy in Florida was creating not just sanctuary cities for invaders, but creating the largest group of homeless people in America, and not doing a damn thing about it.
These people, if not for the Grace of God in Christians, would be no different than rats in the gutters scurrying about creating greater waves of crime in America.

Think about it, that in World War II, FDR in his war, rounded up all the subhumans in America, the misfits, and put them into the military where they were deloused with DDT, hundreds of thousands of teeth were pulled which were rotten, they were taught discipline and if medical treatment was necessary they were treated. All of that work a generation ago, has been devolved, and the epicenter for America was Jeb Bush's Florida in Tampa Bay.

Jeb Bush is a candidate who is standing around, waiting for his cronies to take out Donald Trump, as Jeb's GOP strategy is not to gain voters, but to abuse Republican voters, and instead focus on the billionaire robber barons to suck up all the finances, so no other political candidate will compete against him. In that way,  Jeb Bush can abuse the Republicans, slander the Tea Party Patriots, and just concentrate on his 15% of feudal rich whose purpose is to enslave all of you, as Jeb appeals to bringing in more criminal invaders to exploit.
The problem is, is why should Christians ministries be forced to clean up the refuse which Jeb Bush dumps into America in bringing in people who are no more than animals in having less understanding than a beast in how to care for their own offspring.

The average crime rate in America is 3.8. In Tampa it is 6.0 and in Florida by average it is 4.7.

Now compare this to Chicago in having a 9.0 rate and Illinois a 3.8 average. Chicago being termed the worst in America, and yet Illinois with Rod Blagojevich sitting in prison has a crime rate lower than Florida and Jeb Bush is free to assault Donald Trump.

Jeb Bush does a great deal of lying about his time in Florida. He focuses on AAA bond ratings, which is for the rich, while he forgot the poor and the invalids like Terri Schaivo who he left to die. The fact is Bush spins his AAA rating when it is skewed and other states had that rating.

Bush had an almost 17 billion dollar debt when he entered the Governorship. Bush though claiming "fiscal conservatism" though according to CNN which exposed more of his fraud, stated that Bush spent money like a crack whore like Obama is doing. That is why Bush focuses on the AAA bond rating,  because he was building roads and schools, but doing it borrowing money. So in good economic times, Jeb Bush balanced no budgets, but instead created 23 billion dollars in long term debt when he left office.

That is he reality of Jeb Bush. He spent Florida's future by putting her children into Obama long term debt chains and left an entire population of homeless people.

That is the kind of reality which America in the Obama abyss does not need, in Jeb Bush digging the American grave a little deeper so he can claim he is doing good.Good once again for the connected crony capitalists gaining construction contracts while taking kickbacks employing more of these illegal invaders.

This is the reality of Jeb Bush in his Florida legacy. He is one of the worst governors, running a shell  game like Scott Walker of Wisconsin. They are clever book keepers who then lie to the world about how great of leaders they are.

Terri Schiavo in the grave. Record numbers of homeless, all dumped onto the Christian Church under siege and Jeb Bush less than Jimmy Carter in Jeb Bush never volunteered once for Christian Charities to pound one nail or fill one soup cup.

Nuff said.