Saturday, September 19, 2015

Can not Witness the Tree for the Grove

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am surprised sometimes with how bright people are. Take for example, I was listening to Jay Weidner on the Rense program awhile back and he just happened to blurt out with great delight in what a bright boy he was, that if you remembered the Obama "birther" month in which that forged birth abstract was released and that was the same time that Donald Trump was making an issue of Obama being undocumented........and suddenly after this, Mr. Trump went silent,

Mr. Weidner made the point that Jay Carney, White House spokesmodel appeared the next morning after the 3 AM posting of this forgery, and was stunned in not having any idea the thing was up there.
Jay Weidner concluded that Donald Trump hired someone to hack into the White House server and post this forgery, so that Obama could be asked if this was his document and set off a firestorm....and as a message to Obama that when Trump was in the White House, he was going to turn the investigation loose on Obama to expose this Designer Negro.

Reality is always somewhere in the shadows in I decided to inquire on this, as in knowing the Truth, it is interesting how the bright children figure things out.

What the real story is, is as interesting a what Jay Weidner happened upon. In that summer, there was a spring of a coordinated effort by Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah to sink the illegitimate Obama regime.
For those who bothered to read this blog, this was a time when the regime purchased the corpse of Shiek bin Laden, to change the subject, for the price of a Stealth Helicopter trashed at the compound where the bin Laden actors were.

This set off a wild reaction of events, one of which was Andrew Breitbart happened upon the story, threatened the regime to bring it down, and a European hit squad assassinated him, and the Obama regime moles at Breitbart took over that media outlet, which is now backing Ted Cruz......another stooge to mind those of that mindset.

This also included the mass murder of the Navy SEALS, as they would have eventually put the fake bin Laden story together, and it is concluded they had already put together that the regime had disabled that helo they were flying and left it for the Communist Chinese as part of the quid pro quo.
I remind everyone the reality, that Birther Hussein went before the world, before any DNA tests on bin Laden could have been completed and told the world, he had DNA tests that proved this was bin Laden.

We return now to the issue of  the forged birth abstract. The same group who forged Obama's civil service registration, were the same people who forged the birth abstract, complete with smiley face, and did such a poor job that it would be noticed immediately.

Donald Trump had nothing to do with this. He just happened to be one of the Patriot Americans who knew Obama was illegitimate and risked all to press this issue. I will remind readers that on this blog, there was a post in that period about "people being dragged out at 3 am into the street in their underwear........and immediately after this, Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah shut up and ceased to be pressing anything. Corsi went on to drag dead John Kennedy  through the streets for buck and Farah just enjoyed his lovely wife.
There were threats from the Obama regime in this, and those same threats went to Donald  Trump, and Donald Trump at the time prudently decided to live to fight another day.

If you want to know what was the driving force behind Donald Trump running for President, it was this issue, in Mr. Trump does not like being threatened, and Donald Trump equally with vigor loathes those who kept this illegitamate Obama in the White House....and that includes Jeb Bush.

Inquiry points to exactly the group who was behind the forged birth abstract, ordered it to be placed onto the White House server (see when you are the power elite as Obama calls them, you do not hack into things, you just order things done and they are with regimes just bowing to it) and then an understanding was reached in the Obama regime was informed that the regime would serve this group's interests or the real birth certificate which they did possess along with all of the other documentation would be produced and Mr. Obama would think the treatment Richard Nixon received was mild compared to what was in store for hisself.
This is why Obama was so dick sure and the image mouths off about that foreign birth, as they know the deal to keep Obama secure was not going to be broken, as the Bohemian Grove elders obtained what they desired and the regime was serving that desire in finance and resources etc...

I desire at this point to explain something. Those who think this is the Bush cave, it is not. The Bushmen are the ones who go to the Grove to audition to serve these powerful people. Donald Trump was not aware of any of these dealings or about the Grove. His focus for running is the Birther and making payback a bitch.

Bohemian Grove has no interest in Mr. Trump. There simply will be an understanding reached with Mr. Trump if it comes to the reality that the world needs to know what a Birther Obama was for the legacy. Everything is possible with the powers that be. Understandings simply must be reached.

I do not desire this to sound like some Alex Jones paid diatribe on the Grove being the boogerman like the CIA or the Bilderbergs. This is simply what inquiry pointed to and the Grove really does not interest me. I would prefer that the crumbs from the Grove's table would fall a bit more with respect for the stock of the field or the cloth of the land.

This though is the story behind this and the Donald Trump run to make things right in taking America back. Jay Weidner is insightful for being this close to the real story. It is nice when things show up in print so I can then speak about them.