Monday, September 7, 2015

Can't see that happening.........


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would first like to state that people do not have to donate to ask questions. Emails work too, now that I have the pop up situation worked out and the email is not locking.

The Viking sent me a photo the Baby Girl and he accomplished and I was a bit dense in needing TL to decipher it for me, as it looked like a pretty countertop in being quite thick. It was instead one month of Lame Cherry writings. It looked bullet proof.

With that we have a question:

If I can pester you with another question, this time more in your special area... Apparently, my mother has gone effectively blind in her left eye, due to arterial occlusion. She's already given up looking for any cure, as it plays into her lifelong love of playing the martyr. You may recall helping us understand her vampiric nature and how to deal with it. Today's question is me wondering if this latest (aside from her ignoring all symptoms) is Him letting her reap a bit early, the Enemy doing this to further burden my father, or if I've caused it via years of anger at her.

I did an inquiry on this, as this was interesting in the dynamics of it, as I do write of energies people project and other spiritual things. What I discovered was,  that this was not of God's reckoning, is not something from the devil to burden your father more, and it has nothing to do with you.

As I was about this, I have things occur to me, as I contact the Holy Ghost and sometimes things come to me to ask to pinpoint what is the understanding of the situation.

What this is, is something in the arena of that mandate which moves under one's nose, called the tongue in people speaking things. I hear sarcasm and a put down in her saying, "I can't see that happening...."

Words are authority and the destroyer entered into the contract, and fulfilled what was spoken. This is what the inquiry pointed to.

You are never pestering me with questions. I look forward to reading what both of you compose. Your love for each other is a serenity which pleases me compared to what I usually am involved in. Currently I have displeased a number of powers in this world, in being a bit too effective. I am in Facebook exile, but freed TL from the dungeons and am in the process of picking the lock.......not because I care to be on that horrid site of satan, but because .........well I just like making behemoths get out of my way. We shall see how the Lord blesses.

I was though on my way to bed when I saw your letter and wanted to post an answer, as sometimes more things occur that I planned.

And Mom is doing good. Talked her into sitting still for about 6 minutes. Pretty good for having a leg almost cut off. It has stopped soaking into the bandage now on day 3, and the blood is creating a covering which reminds me of meat glazed over in the sun. I did not mention that part in my diagnosis. The tear is knitting back on, a bit white on the end, but I am praying that all is alive. It will heal in Christ, and she is now getting around good without any discomfort.
Now if TL would cease donating blood to the kitties daily, I think we would be doing ok.

God bless and bestow upon you a thousand fold of kindness in all who are good to me, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.