Saturday, September 26, 2015

Carly 4 Cunt


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Carly Fiorina is like finding a sliver in your finger, and as you pull it out, you find out a forest of pain is attached to the other end..

- Lame Cherry

Anyone who is still a Carly Fiorina fan for President, is either a moron or is a moron, as this pro Islamic, Common Core, man hating, Bushtwat has revealed exactly what she is, a Jeb Bush intelligence stooge to please tampon inserters and keep support away from Donald Trump.

Now comes this story from the Daily Beast in what kind of person Carly Fiorina really is to her employees and not the Hewlett Packard employees and staff she fired, but her California 2010 staff and employees she screwed over.

Over the next four years, the Carly for California campaign pushed its debts back month after month after month, year after year. As Fiorina and her husband relocated to a multimillion-dollar Virginia estate and campaign treasurers came and went, the vendors and staff remained unpaid, including the widow of a close adviser who had died suddenly during her Senate bid.
Only as Fiorina began to publicly consider launching a presidential campaign in 2015 did she pay off her 2010 debts, quietly writing a personal check for $487,410 to finally pay the outstanding bills and close the Carly for California campaign.
Three months later, Carly for President launched, quickly raising $1.4 million for Fiorina’s presidential bid. But unlike Carly for California, the new campaign is making do without her personal fortune. So far, she and her husband, Frank, have given $2,700 each, the maximum allowed for any average donor.

These people would still not be paid, if it had not been for Fiorina running for President. Yes like all the richtards stealing from this blog, sitting in mansions, there was Carly Fiorina as an intelligence asset, moving to posh Virginia, while people who believed in her could not pay the bills.

Yes nothing like screwing over the widow of someone who was your close adviser, as what is she going to do with money any way, now that her husband is dead and not earning a living.

I will state this again, Carly Fiorina like Ben Carson, are two left wing strawpoles set up to dilute the election, as they gnaw on Donald Trump for Jeb Bush, to look innocent, and once that is done, Bush will light a match to these two moles and steal another election.

None of this is making it on Drudge either. What comes next in this, 10 million dollar man Ben Carson, not paying his Latino maids, because his dog needs a million dollar manicure?

The picture say it all, Carly Fiorina cuddling with globalist Henry Kissinger and having the best time ever with the Jesse Jackson who used to spit in white people's soup for a political statement.