Saturday, September 26, 2015

As a Lame Cherry Alert


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is distressing that the Jewish funded platform of the Drudge Report has not been informing all of you, of a strategic shift in the withering of American prestige and presence in the Mideast /IR, the focus of this is President Vladimir Putin has not only checked the absolutely "dick up the ass" Obama Pentagon policy of handing Syria over to terrorists, but has literally nudged the United States out of the way in Syria.

The reality is Russia not only has a Naval base in Syria, but has tanks, weapons, fighter jets, and now two key powers of Iran's communists and China's communists involved. Reports surfaced the PLA's Navy has both warships and supply ships ready to dock in Syria.

Russia has been blowing the bamuhammed out of Obama's ISIS terrorists, and now Iran is involved with China.

If you bother to keep track of this, the Obama regime with Samantha Powers of the UN has in Syria:

Nuclear Israel assisting ISIS.

Nuclear Russia assisting Assad

Nuclear China assisting Assad

Nuclear Iran assisting Assad.

Nuclear Turkey assisting ISIS.

Nuclear Saudi Arabia assisting ISIS.

This with nuclear America now being leveraged out of position, as these ISIS terror operation frauds are no match for the Syrian military, now backed by Russia, Iran and China boots on the ground.

The major break which this blog had spoken of in Europe, in order to save Christians in Europe from the anti Christ, has now been initiated. Angela Merkel, the Russian mongrel with raped German mum after World War II, has now publicly advocated that there needs to be an inclusion of President Bashir Assad into this Obama civil war, to resolve it..........because her treacherous idea of importing ISIS terrorists into Germany, is about causing her own civil war.

Germany has just been pealed off of the global order. That deliberate hit on the German economy by the Obama regime over Volkswagen fines in order to collapse their financial structure is not an accident. German hegemony in the survival of the fatherland in the Great Eurasian War, now rests with Russia.

This pissing on America is the absolute disaster of the Obama regime in legacy. While Obama Kerry fiddled with Iran, Iran was busy burning down the American terror network in Syria, and now the largest nuclear powers are all jammed into an area the size of Texas.
This is a diplomatic nightmare which hinges on the other disaster of Ukraine, which is another Vladimir Putin triumph.

The entire reality of what George W. Bush attempted to set up in Russia and China out of the Mideast, the regimes all stable, and Iran contained has been obliterated.

The satanic Pater Pope is now saddled upon the anti Christ beast, and is promoting the cartel overthrow of the world directly, the check in this is now, the Putin lead coalition of Syria, Iran, China and Russia, with Israel moving like Germany closer to Russian policies.

This is precarious for America, as the Pentagon has been overthrown with sodomites, and not militarists, who have been murdering and butchering the world for the past years for this Obama regime. This is a time which the cartel as much as the Putin alliance would instigate an American over reach, in which the US could be humiliated, and perhaps lose their bases in the Mideast, and be driven back across the Atlantic.

Seven nuclear powers jammed into Syria, one would think would bring a headline on the Drudge Report, but that would mean revealing the disaster which the Israeli state is involved in.

America overflowing with Muslim terrorists. Europe overflowing with terrorists. Syria now established as a Mediterranean base for Moscow, Peking and Iran. This is the worst disaster in United States history.

For a Muslim jinn though in the cartel, a destabilized America and Europe for cartel dictatorship, with the Obama jinn's favorite nation in China, with it's nativity in Iran in Syria.........that is pretty successful cartel policy.

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