Saturday, September 12, 2015

Carly's Contingent

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is about the Carly Contingent AKA Carly Fiorina's creepy voters.

All of this begins in happening to pick up a radio feed in that before midnight time slot which no one ever listens to. So I am listening to this creepy perv attack Donald Trump over Carly Fiorina, and the pretty people in this are Carly Fiorina and that 7th Day Adventist, use baby parts, cast the first stone, Common Core, el Negro Ben Carson, the two Jebcavers being inflated in the polls.

This was on the Megha McCain show......Raising McCain, which she was away as little Meg took sick with a broken fingernail or something and the billionaire baby could not appear for work.
Raising McCain......that is so 50's gouche!

So this creepy perv guy, like Mark Zuckerberg......and exactly like Ben Carson describing women in jack off terms, in obsessing with the fetish that turns el Negro on......Carson likes the way women move and that is what makes tingles go up his leg, if you want to know.

So creepy perv who is what Meg's likes to fill in for her, is ranting about Donald Trump saying Carly Fiorina is uggo........wants to pin Trump down on it as uggo and not persono, and wants to pin down the other media mics on it.....lot's of pinning going on like Stan Armour Dunham wrestling little boys at the bed shop on the street.........I digress.

So here is what.........sistah is that Meg's ever puttin' the feed wagon.......that bag has done left the building.

 Whoa Second Coming of Beefer Anna Nichole Smith

So creepy perv guy, says this, "Carly Fiorina is attractive. Like Conolezza Rice is attractive."


It gets better as creepy goes perv on this.......

"Carly Fiorina is attractive and what is attractive is she is a powerful woman.........."

Oh so that is it, little boy likes to get bossed around in bed, spanked for being naughty, and ...........just wait this gets more perv.

"Carly Fiorina is attractive like Condolezza Rice is attractive as a powerful woman (can we feel that erection swelling) and Carly Fiorina has that big bank account."

Yes little perv creeper for Meghan McCain gets hard over ugly bitchy hags recovering from cancer and look like they got that chemo sheen to them yet, and what makes Carly hot is being a powerful female who is ugly and who has a big bank account and she is still ugly, persona or not.

Honestly, this is Carly Contingent in who on the male side is jacking off for Fiorina, like Peggy Noonan was sloshing it for Obama as he seemed black enough to be dirty.

Look Boehner is a drunk, and the GOP hierarchy is full of disgusting pervs like the DNC in Hillary and Huma, but they never talk about this shit in public.........and here on John McCain's daughter's show is a creepy perv getting an erection over cancer warmed over chics who are geezer age, because they can boss him around in bed, tell him his dick is little and then buy him a pretty pink ipod cover after he cums in a condom and washes off her nasty old snatch.

I don't want creeps like this in the GOP. Hell I don't want this perv shit in the DNC. God stoned abominations like this........even G. Gordon Liddy in Street Assylum portrayed how weirdo these Carly Contingent voters are.....and now we find out that the Carly Contingent and the Carson Creepers are the same mix.

SERIOUSLY in this so you comprehend this, the Carly Fiorina voters like her snatch being powerful and stuffed with cash, and that is what they get off on......but get this, you notice they are all pushing for Ben Carson too, to take on that big tough White Man Donald Trump for after the fight, Ben as Vice President can carry Carly's and Meghan McCain's bags as that is a Nigs place when the Mexicans are out mowing the lawn.

That is the disturbing reality of the McCain, Fiorina and Carson voters in their psychology, as this is what Meghan McCain left in charge and this went out on the air on September 11th. It is all insightful as now all of you can comment on the Carson Fiorina followers in knowing exactly what the hell you are dealing with.........BDSM pervs and Racists.

Way to go Meg's McCain, you talking just exposed and destroyed what is the Fiorina and Carson klusterfuck.