Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Nuke You Say


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As no one has commented on this, in this Obama stupor of dullness of mind, I was wondering why the Lame Cherry is the only diplomat who is addressing the disaster of the Obama Kerry Iranian Nukey Feely Deal.

No I am not speaking about Jeff Rense ideas that Iran has no nuclear arsenal already and never will. I am not speaking of Big Jew in America saying Iran is the worst threat since Adolf Hitler tasted polish sausages and wanted the country. I am speaking about some realities in these three:
  1. Reality 1: The United States just made a nuclear arms deal with Iranians who took American hostages, shot down TWA Flight 800, sponsored world terrorism blowing up US Embassies and chants Death to America like morning prayers.
  2. Reality 2: The United States promised in 2009 to nuke Iran if it nukes the Jews of the Israeli state who have a history of blowing up USA things like ships and cheering when Twin Towers are pulled.
  3. Reality 3: Obama jinn and Kerry just promised in September 2015 to go to war with Iran if Iran becomes a problem for Saudi Arabia, a country which funded the 9 11 terrorists.

 I do mean to make a point in this in case you missed it. The United States is now mandated by Obama jinn promises to go to war, and yes that includes bombing the Israeli state if they bomb Iran, but to go to war with any of these nations, if any of these treacherous nations who have a history of starting wars or manipulating America into wars, become a problem.

Oh did I mention the reality that the Israeli state has nuclear weapons, including thermonuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons as they funded the Dr. Khan program of Pakistan, and yes, Iran has nuclear weapons......they purchased a few our a dozen from the KGB when Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush got done screwing over the Soviet fracture., and there was that BOOM that shook the mountains of north Iran a decade and a half ago which was like Kim of Korea's seismic boom, and let us not forget that Iranian Islamocommunists have been refining nuclear material for 20 years, and even a moron could have built nuclear bombs by now as everyone else has from South Africa to China.

So you get this clearly, any one of these nations.........Jews hating two Muslim nations that it would be nice if they nuked each other or Obama jinn nuked them, Saudi Sunni hating Iranian Shia nuclear powers and vice versa would enjoy the Jews hitting Iran who would be hit by America or America would hit Iran, or if Iran could prod Saudi Arabia or Israeli to hit them, then America would strike the Jews or Arabs.

Did I mention that all three of nations have nuclear bombs and would feed American cities a nuke or several?

Let us propose a scenario now.

The Jews do not like this deal. The Saudis do not like this deal. The Iranians do not like this deal. Wait, that is the deal as only Obama jinn and Kerry love this nuke deal.
So they look around and say, "You know the thing that seems in common in this, is if anyone of us gets out of line, the Americans blast that country off the map.

"Hmmmmmm", that is what Jews, Arabs and Persians look like pondering when the light goes off and says, "Hey why don't we bow the bajesus out of America and blame someone else, as the Americans seem always ready to blow up something when they are struck. Let's pick Jew city America in New York as that gets allot of attention and then let's sit back and collect the winnings again."

What the Lame Cherry exclusive is, is this reality, the Obama regime has just held American foreign policy hostage based on the actions of 3 peoples who hate each other, have a history of blowing up things America to suit their interests, and get away with it every time.

This is not American foreign policy. It is a hostage policy which makes America an opportune target, and once America is struck, America is involved in a NUCLEAR SCENARIO. This is not some iron bombs, some cruise missiles or some protest. This is doomsday policy in which if anything goes wrong with people who make certain every damn thing always goes wrong as they hate each other, that America is hostage to using nuclear weapons as foreign policy.

Never before, even with Robert McNamara's MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction has America ever been deliberately placed to become a nuclear target and to utilize nuclear weapons to respond to an issue.

Henry Kissinger is the father of gleaning nations, but honestly he was a diplomat, as most of these Rockefeller minders like George Schultz. Where is one James Baker in the current diplomatic corp who could add one semblance of sanity in this.
Literally after not even 2 terms of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, America is now set up for a nuclear war, which is what every Secretary of State in US history has attempted to avoid and did so successfully.

This policy must be disavowed completely before a nuclear bomb detonates in America with all of these Obama open borders. This is the worst digital countdown bomb in world history as it is nuclear.

Now that you have been warned, you can go back to assassinating this blog to make yourself feel accomplished for being the shit heads you are promoting some worthless political candidate........but wait, perhaps in joy, it will be you in a nuclear ash pile, and your last act will be trying to stop the Lame Cherry.