Friday, September 18, 2015

Chicken Gulags

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Chicken factories are a matter Holsteins know they are not enjoying being in a dairy factory, but Jersey's get their feelings hurt, and a Lab Retriever sits there sulking in a kennel, but an Irish Setter it would simply melt to oblivion misery.

We have some chickens here, a few Wyandottes, a few Americanas, a few Gold Stars. These were from the place those Cornish X arrived from that we raised. On the other hand, I was going to do a review of the other chickens which were "banties", but not bantams, but the dutch Kraienkoppe, Sumatras and Cubalayas.

Of these chickens, the Sumatras are the tamest as a group, and I can pick up several of them and pet them.......they purr and talk to me. The Cubalayas are wild as the wind.......the Kraienkoppe's are sort of a few let me pet them.

All of the chickens in the eggs you have now, are from Mediterranean fowl. Those are flighty stand offish birds for the most is how they even get brown egg chickens to never go broody, as that shuts off egg profits.

For the most part, I think the eggs you buy are from Highland 55's. A production strain of the Leghorn group......lay big eggs, do not each much feed, do not take up much space, and Leghorns do not cuddle as they are Med chickens.

An egg factory has millions of birds in cages. They get a ration of grain and food, poop and whatever, and lay an egg which rolls down a conveyor, is washed and sorted to grade, and goes to the store.......providing some Mexican has not just shit, used his hand, and then sorted your eggs, so the chicken gets blamed for your bloody shits and not the Mexican.

Chicken farms are the same in the meat production, as are turkeys. Millions of birds fed, watered, and as long as the Mexicans are not kicking them to be loaded for butchering at a processing plant, they are about as content as chickens can be.

A chicken only has so many eggs in her ovaries, and once her breed's production is reached, she is sent off and butchered.....probably ends up in your canned soups.

I  can not blame people for selling 5 buck a dozen chicken eggs as this rip off of the 3 buck a dozen now in non organics is the warehouses making huge profits again, a supply has not outstripped demand. The 5 buck eggs are from the same type of operations, but if it was a farmer, then it would be worth it. Not saying a pitchfork carrier would love his chickens any better, but most of those hens at least are scratching around someplace.

As for organics or range is our story as a kid growing up.

Most people  do not know that chickens eat meat. They love eating anything with flesh. We used to get beavers or coons which had been skinned and let them pick on them for cold winter days, as it keeps them from pecking each other.
Sometimes our range birds would find things dead.......and like turnips in milk, Lord God would you know it when you bit into an egg like that. You can tell exactly what a chicken is being fed.......bright orange yolks which you never see is meat or corn, while the yellows are in the soy meal and oats class.
Chickens are like hogs......they eat grain, grass and meat.........just like people.

The long of this is, the short. Chickens have personalities......less in the production strains and more in the heritage or whatever strains. I can not say egg factory chickens are mistreated, when a chicken that is warm, dry, fed and for the most part a content chicken.
A chicken factory pretty has to be cleaned, or it would be full of flies and ammonia killing everything. You can not get away from chicken dust though as that is just part of it.

If I could find some farm hen who was selling her eggs not for your right leg, then I would try and buy them. Eggs keep a very long time in refrigeration or without, when not washed. I can still see Mom's coffee cans in the porch filled with bantie eggs picked up months earlier and we ate them more often than not. I can not speak to factory eggs and that process, but we never got sick from eating eggs with chicken poop on the outside, picking poo out of the eggs as that fell in the pan.....and I never remember popping a rotten one inside the house.
I just would rather buy some nice person's eggs, knowing that their hens were out eating bugs, grass, dead things and grain. Is the way the economy used to work, in people took the eggs and cream to town and had grocery money. If that is not possible, then I would buy from a factory shop. I know most people find if they raise chickens that hosts of other things love dead chickens from fox, cats, coyotes, dogs, owls, hawks........yeah I had two hawks around here that were auditioning.......mink......and you end up having to get traps running to protect your chickens, but I like chickens.
When I can let the few hens we have out, they ate most of the grasshoppers, beetles and centipedes out of the yard, and it was just two roosters and half a dozen hens. They never stop. I would just go for fat heavy hens, which can not fly up in trees or run too fast from me.......these Sumatras and things I have not let out, as I do not think I would find them again.

I do know this, in the chickens we have eaten fresh in our cut, the ones in the market taste like old blood and are horrid flavored. The eggs are almost better unflavored though.

Chickens like Christians deserve a better deal than what any of us are getting in the gulag.

That is the best I can do on for a parent who is a trial, I like to think of myself as like Mr. D'arcy or Marilla of Anne of Green Gables, one is just proper and respectful of people who do not deserve it, and that suffices the Honor thy parents, in just being respectful. There are no curses in this, as God knows what is out there......for most people I just silently be polite and think as I did with TL's parents, "Just awhile longer and then we can leave and I win as I am with TL."

Perhaps we will post on this in what hell we have been put through, as after today, I am reassessing all of this. I have to speak to God about things, and can not allow satan's murderous and heinous spawn to divert me, but there should be a way to just provide for the children who are good, and cut these culls to the curb.
TL said some little snot messaged TL on Facebook with a rude comment about TL not being TL's real name. For the record, Facebook has TL's birth certificate and that name is real. These tools of satan think they have won, but they have lost and are now in debt.

I am rethinking everything now, as these primates can have Sorcha Faal to spew at them and their political ilk. I have done the job God said warning them, and this I hope is enough warning. I just have to figure out by God how to make this blog available to the few who are friends, have earned it by being Christian or have donated.

Right now the day was been grievous. The one doe goat was down groaning like she could not get up.......saw a track on the road which is what started the need to check fence, even though our cattle were in, which is how satan murdered Holly with the help of the ill will of all the ilk with blood on their hands now which is not going to be ever washed off.

I have had enough of today and will close as I have things to check, now that the internet went down again. Am wondering about just emails to those who deserve it. Too much to think about for now.
I have not been on Facebook and honestly do not like having that creepy Zuckerberg name as an ID.

God blessings to R & S. Thank you for your kind words.