Friday, September 18, 2015

Satan's Accuser, Steven Henry

 steven henry's gluttony sins

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a tool of satan who decided it would be appropriate to start adultery in my life, by focusing on the Tiger Lily.

This is a dickless little coward, named Steven Henry, set up as Preacher of Condemnation on Facebook, who hides in religion, looking for Puritanical absolutes to make up for his inner sin. He publishes his writings as condemnations of others.

Christmas is wrong, he has discovered because pagans used groves and greenery, and the Christmas tree is pagan, and Jesus was born at another season, so all of the good with it is evil too, and must be stopped, because he can not control himself, as no one finds this pasty white attractive.

Then there was his latest in attacking that little boy, whose parents wrote the book about Heaven Is For Real, as things in the book are not in the Bible. Yes there is not a rainbow horse Jesus  rides in the Bible, but then an ignorant absolutist never quite comprehends that Jesus just might appear to a little boy who just died from medical complications, not as a terror on a white horse, but something a little boy would create in his mind to not make him afraid.

That is the problem with bible bullies. They always have all the answers, but none of the humanity. I have dealt with all of these Jim Jones pecker out of their pants wanna bes before and have left them all behind, but when a perv starts messaging TL......"Hey why want an earwig. I got this song which I can not get out of my head.", there is not a woman alive who does not know that is not foreplay, is not seduction, is not a next step of......"Well what Lame Cherry does not know.........what hurt can it be."

There are far too many of these tools of satan in and out of the pulpit. They hide behind religion like that preacher out here throwing down on us, while cuddling up with the rich farmers who are stealing from the poor........but then what are the poor, but those the preachers can beat on as we all know the poor are stupid and God does not love them more than preachers.
It is the same satanic meld with this Steven Henry. His little dabbling in adultery and seduction is just necessary, but all of you are going to hell in not being Christian enough in celebrating Christmas or selling a book about a near death experience.

Christ stated the people of this world can always in wisdom justify their sins. This Steven Henry has in him a messiah complex, and he has already shown he has the Jim Jones in him, of liking women and laying down burkha law, as the things he is discovering like Muhammed are suddenly all new to him, when others have dealt with this garbage generations ago.

steven henry's fornication and sodomy sins

Steven Henry has 1015 "friends" he has collected around him on Facebook to validate what a worthless troll he is.
Oh but is a screen grab of Steve's top what a surprise they are women.

What this tool of satan is, like his entire family. They rail against all of your Churches, because those Churches all threw their bullying asses out to the curb, so their scheme is telling all of these malcontents to start trouble and start your own 'Home Church" as this is  the only real worship.

I am going to finish this up with a dust off my shoes and Steven Henry's sins bound in Jesus Name for his pecker poster come us to women, in this bit of What Steven Henry judges by he will be Condemned by.

steven henry's witchcraft sins


So here is the condemnation of Steven Henry,  the world PRACTICE never occurs in the Bible and for reason. To "practice" is the art ofa PRACTITIONER. That would be WITCHCRAFT in the arts of the Babylonian Mystery Religion in the magik.

So let us review the abominations of the Steven Henry damning all of us.


Tearing down the Body of Christ in established Churches

Condemning others.

Suffering the little children to not to come to Christ


Facebook sodomy

That should be enough in the perfect world of Steven Henry damning all of us, and now his blood shedding sins which just disrupted my life forever, are bound to him in Jesus Name. Amen and Amen

Steven Henry is an evil doer, and unrepentant sinner. As he accuses others of being in for a real bad shock, his day is coming in Judgment for an eternal shock.