Wednesday, September 16, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I was first moved by God to do this blog, I was simply writing what interested me, and by 2008 was stuck doing the job no one else would do in media, and that was take back America. The only reason Donald Trump has any America left to take back, is because a group of people who did not like what the regime was doing to Lawrence Sinclair made a stand, as the rest either was in Obama orgasm, were terrified and cowering at being called a racist, or were content with their millions as they have their reward on earth.

It was in this time that I met Karen whose name had been published with others that had been illegally hacked in the Obama resistance. She suggested early that I had to write about me as people were interested, so I did, and that has at times opened up a huge mistake in the reality is, people view a smile as much weakness as kindness, and your sharing things in your life, they immediately seize upon in their psychopathy as a way to make themselves "better" than you, as they think besting a celebrity gives them standing.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had two individuals attempt the southern sweet on me. That term is from the nasty culture in the south of these quasi elites who come up to you with a compliment like, "That dress looks good on it hides your flaws".
They stand there then all innocent after that damned insult claiming you should not be offended as they were only compliment you.

It is the same situation in my informing people all I have to do, while you sit on your asses doing absolutely nothing, claiming to love America, being a Patriot and whatever, not risking a thing and running for Facebook cover in cowering in the repression of Zuckerberg's gulag, that someone decides they were called upon to nit pick in their limited comprehension they have judged what I did as not perfect according to their being perfect.
So I get a comment which is so caring, that I must have had a mental breakdown, as what I wrote was not perfect....and I am supposed to be thankful for all of that kindness.

I have had a like situation with a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod clergy. Two years ago this new clergy appeared in the community, and for some reason decided that Mom and I were to be his projects. I have no idea what was behind the start of it, but have my suspicions.
Point was, we were invited to Church, and about that time, he decided it was time for him to go on vacation or something and disappeared for awhile.

Last year I was in the process of attempting to rescue TL from the metro, and in that time, we had finally moved back here, and have been swamped as usual. We do daily devotions, each of us read the Bible several times in the day, and we pray.
I do not have the time nor money for worship, as this blog requires a massive amount of energy to construct in the Spiritual. We are though one with God and the Holy Spirit.

This clergy then informed us that he wanted to be our pastor, to which I stated we thought of him as such.

It then came to an event at my Cousin's wife's funeral where we went to pay our respects, and for some bizarre reason, that this clergy decided he was going to do the service before we could leave, as the other relatives were not even there yet.

In all of this, readers will remember there was a relative our mine who told us 2 years ago, that he would sell TL and myself my Great Grandfather's farm site. I was humiliated 3 times
in going over there after they said, "It is not doing us any good", and then told they had not discussed it which they then turned their backs on me, while in their kitchen and I could show myself out.

I will mention that this is the family which basically are the elders of the Church. This clergy knows all of this story, but has done nothing. In fact, they have done nothing but lie and gossip about us........the clergy knows this, and does nothing.

It came then to a point yesterday when he appeared again, this time informing us that services would be at another Church on Saturday night and we could go there.
I will translate this. This clergy is not going to call out the sinners in my Church, but he will show us poor folks the door to another Church, so he can apparently think "he got us saved" like most of this LCMS is prone to being deluded by.

The thing that stunned Mom was we were standing there, and I was trying to mentally process that I heard what I heard was this, "I can not be your pastor if I am not giving you the Sacrament of Communion".
Interesting throw down there from satan, in we were just given a line in the sand. Either we submitted to showing up to a his Lutheran Church, giving him authority over us, sounded like we were not saved.
It was inferred, as much as there was something he was mumbled out afterwards that I thought had to do with with remission of sins........meaning it was not Jesus Who forgives our sins, but taking communion.

I have heard this lie before from my dad, in an LCMS tyrant drummed something into his head which went like, "You should not need communion, because if you do, you are sinning too much."
My sisters who are LCMS have similar nuttery in one thinks Communion of Saints means the dead are there at Communion, and the other thinks like this clergy that if you are not taking Communion you are not saved.

By God's Grace I am going to explain all of this, as even Martin Luther is too much in the "Yes I believe I am a sinner", in ripping people like Islam does that they should all be in hell. Granted most of you should be, but there are a few of you who are saved by Christ's Gift from the Father in Heaven.

Communion does not forgive sins. Communion does not save anyone. Communion or the Last Supper, was an observation of Passover, which dealt with the symbol of the lamb killed while the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt.
The blood sprinkled in Faith kept the Angel of Death from slaughtering the first born in Goshen where Israelites were. All of the Egyptian first born were slaughtered from people to livestock.

This is what Passover is. This is what Jesus was building upon, as He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.....if people choose Christ, turn from deliberate sinning and mould their lives by the Law of God, in caring about others to prove they are real to God, and not pew sitters or pulpit standers.

Communion as Christ insituted it, is simple. It is "this do as oft in remembrance of Me."

This is what Communion is. Communion is remembering Christ died for your sins to redeem you to Spiritual Life, regenerate by the Holy Ghost. There is nothing in that Communion which saves or forgives. It is a simple remembering of the Covenant or Marriage Contract you are in with Christ, as people do their anniversaries. Remembering your spouse on your anniversary does not negate your cheating, abuse or anything else, no more than remembering the Covenant redeems or forgives anything. Communion is about observing you are God's, and no where in the Bible does it say to do it 300 times a day or once in a lifetime. It is just as often as you take Communion, that you remember Christ in the Covenant which redeemed you.

I do not need a pastor to forgive me of my sins, nor does anyone.  That is Jesus lone Office, and it is the fallacy of the Pope in Rome to anyone who tries to get in between you the Saint and your Lord and our Father.
For the record, each of you in being a Christian has as much Authority in Christ as any clergy. Do not be made to cower ever in any of these clergy who God is furious with for scattering His children or what we just experienced in being a notch on the religious belt and informed that we had to submit to a person, when any Christian only submits to God.

The clergy is not the high rung on the Spiritual ladder. As Paul teaches, some teach, some preach, some minister, some prophesy.....all have some Gift and it may be your great work in life is praying for your grandchildren as that is what God is moving you to do. Only Jesus saves.

Each of you have the same Authority to bind and loose, and to retain or forgive the sinner.....not the Saint. When a religious person attempts as Peter did to be two faced, Paul stated he challenged that hypocriscy and would not let it stand.

Each of you has the power to administer Communion as much as Baptize. For Communion, you simply have to  be aware of why you are taking part in it, like the Passover, be sober about it, be filled with Joy over it in what Christ did, and blessing wine and unleavened bread (crackers), you break it to symbolize Christ's broken Body and in giving thanks for both the bread and wine, empower or bless it, by naming it in the Name of God or the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Bread first, you can recite what Christ did........then the wine, and recite what Christ did, and that is Communion.

The Disciples were a group which required 3 years of education by Christ Himself, and they still got it wrong, until the Holy Ghost moved them. St. Paul was educated in Jewish doctrine, but his education came from the Holy Ghost alone. He makes a point of this in his not being taught Christianity, but was Inspired to the calling.

One has to be in great care of this as the Baptists are too loose in their allowances and the Lutherans are too caught in the clergy trap like what they sprang from in the Vatican. There is One Christ, and all are the Spiritual Body. Each member has a purpose, and none is head over the other. The greatest are to be the servants of all as I attempt to be in great trials as there is always someone hearing satan's whispers who do not recognize me, and think they can jump on my back and dig their spurs in to make me go where they think I should be, instead of where God is working through me.

This clergy made an immense mistake. God will Judge between him and myself as that is what God does. No one in this world gets or is given any authority over me, as only Jesus has that place by Right.........and for those who need to be told, you let anyone have authority over you, and satan is going to be in there and condemning you the second you least expect it.

I do not need any church, as I am part of the Temple of God, in God is within me. The world is full of churches and preachers, but there is only one Christ.

I offended a LCMS reader a few times in pointing out the realites that their synod was a tool of the Obama regime and it was proven in their magazine with likenesses of messiah Obama before the 2008 election and the one I featured which was filled with quasi pedophilia in making children sex objects.

If you look through the Old and New Testament, you will not find one mention of Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, Muslim or any of these religions. No mention of Popes either, as all the Church is, is Jesus the Christ at the head, somber and sober moral elders ministering, teaching and helping the Faithful, in services where the worship is for God, with Communion if the body is so moved.

I am content in turning this all over to God to Judge, as I trust in Him, and if He chooses to stomp me for what I do, then I accept it, as He is God and God knows best. I believe though in Holy Ghost discernment, that God is working through me, and that these other people were again moved by satan as Peter was to try to get Jesus bent to his will.

I am too busy to focus on what is and what was. My reason for writing this is not to show weakness as there is none in Christ. The reason is to show all of us are afflicted, and to again make each Christian understand that you are a Saint by just being Christs.
Each of you has grave responsibility to police yourself first, as most have a forest growing in their eyes and can not discern that satan is guiding them for the trees in the way.

This clergy wanted the address to this blog. He never mentioned being here and it does not make a difference. I post what I am moved to, and each of you must commune with God in Spirit and not man first. If you like worship in a Church which provides you with what you need, then may God direct and bless you.
I do not have the luxury of sitting on my ass and judging people, as I do not have the time. My involvement has been gaining political and Spiritual ground, so the nit pickers can arrive and climb on my shoulders and the work here, and tell me that I can follow them as they now know best and they could make what the Holy Ghost moves here to be perfect.

If the regime is not making your life a terminal issue and if satan is not making your life hell, then do not think of yourself a Patriot or a Christian. What you are is a camp follower and pew sitter.

Time to get back to work.