Wednesday, September 16, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog has been tracking what is really occurring in the world stock markets, with the focus primarily on the American markets and it is a fascinating dimensional game which is taking place.
Exclusively you have been told how the entire US markets have been rigged in a ponzi scheme which has given cheap interest money to conglomerates like Amazon, where they buy their own stock to raise the prices, and that is how they funded their debt operations in losing money every year.
The point being now as stocks collapse, the stocks are pumped up to give them finances in robbing investors in the plunges, and their skimming profits in the rises.

There is something else though taking place which truly fascinates me as it involves Big Frac.

Big Frac is the group who worked a deal with Obama to keep him power, while Obama doubled oil prices and sabotaged Gulf Gushers and shut off Canadian oil pipelines to America.
Under the cover of "get Putin" the cartel forced Saudi Arabia to pump oil to deflate global oil prices. Putin survived, but now all of those American drillers have trillions in loans which are coming due in September.

This is a fascinating extortion and criminal manipulation which is taking place, as the Obama regime is moving to over regulate banks which have these oil loans out, under the cover of keeping the banks secure. The real reason is the regime does not want these banks keeping these loans out.
The reason for this is simple, as the Obama regime going to war against coal, bankrupting those companies and forcing them to sell their vast coal reserves.

And who do you think just bought all that dirty coal up? Yes as revealed here, it was George Soros, the nation rapist who was the man Obama met with first.

It was a like deal with Warren Buffett, another nation rapist for Obama, who got monopolized control of US railroads, shipped all that Big Frac oil, and drilled for oil on all his rail lands.

What is taking place now is another set up. Big Frac had "hedged" loans at oil at 89 dollars per barrel. That is their Wall Street profit margin. Yes as the world knew Saudi oil was going to plunge the markets, and instead of cutting a better deal for oil prices, the banks and commodities hedged oil shares at double current oil prices in the futures.
This is why Americans are being gouged at the gas pump, under the blame of  "refineries are shut down". It was all a guarantee of profits for the Wall Street investors.

Now a new situation is arising in the autumn of 2015.  The Obama regime is forcing banks to turn these loans over to "troubled asset specialists" to gain as much recoup assets as much as possible. That is translated to....let us return to 2009 when the Obama regime was forcing Jewish finance like Lehman Brothers to be sold off for pennies to the millions to larger competitor Jewish financiers like Goldman Sachs.
That is what is taking place in this. You have Big Frac which has a 20 year full pumping supply of North Dakota and Montana oil guaranteed on the books. These are absolute proven reserves, but these companies owe massive debt. So a collection agent is going to seize those oil wells in a Sorosization or quasi Nationalization or Crony -ization of American oil, and those oil wells will be sold off to the same nation rapists who put Obama into power and have gleaned trillions in these Obama schemes.

I provide this example. Big Frac has an oil field with a 20 million dollar debt. There is 300 million dollars in oil in that field at 100 dollar a barrel oil. At 49 dollar a barrel oil, that field is worth 150 million devalued, but as the debt price is 20 million, an understanding will be worked out, where perhaps 5 million is recouped from Big Frac as a new owner takes over that field, namely George Soros or Warren Buffett or some Wall Street consortium.
All is well, as that bad loan of 15 million is written off and if you remember something called the FDIC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or those created things called TARP, and you end up paying for that debt........does not matter if it was sold off in derivatives at 3 trillion dollars, you are going to get stuck with this bill again, as Goldman Sachs got Lehman Brothers and George Soros gets Big Frac.

Think of the Obama scams. All of this nationalization in Obama Super Depressions. He suckered all of his donors like Amazon, Apple and Google with cheap money and the cartel financiers are now on all their boards to seize those companies in there is Big Frac a multi trillion dollar gem, and it is going to be had for a few million..........exactly as Obama Enterprise seized all of US finance in Obama's 2008 collapse which came from his Berlin backers.

Incredible, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that all have missed again.

Oh and for those who think this is just American bubba, this is all of Caucasian oil as the Canadian fields are all in play too.

One more thing, the above page provides this quote, exposing the lie that it takes 80 to 100 dollar oil in America or Canada to profit off of oil wells.

Most oil wells that produce without steam or EOR (enhanced oil recovery) only cost $20 or $30 a barrel to operate. Even after paying Crown royalties, it is usually $40 or less. Oilsands operations have cash operating costs of $50 or less per barrel.

You have been gouged, you have been robbed, you have been enslaved, and soon your oil is going to be owned by not Big Frac, but the cartel.