Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dead Baby Sea Lions


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have seen these laments online for long enough.

Baby Sea Lions Are Dying
Baby Seals On W Coast Dying Of Radiation Leukemia

This is connected to that Jap nuke reactor that went tits up, and all those rich people with beach homes are being radiated......well tough tilly, as you don't care about me, so why should I care about you in paradise there you apple tempters.
That is non rhetorical.

When I saw that baby seal lions are dead, I said GOOD. Maybe with exclamation points !!!!!!!

I am not heartless, but have you ever seen them damn sea lions? Forget that baby shit ok.......just have you ever seen a sea lion?

OK first off, I will educate you. You got the sea, which is not the sea, but the ocean.....you know body smashing waves that kill people easy, and the ocean is where these things live and hunt.

Oh the hunt part. No they are not like brant geese eating sea lettuce, but they eat things.

They just do not eat things, they are like all those damned weasels that love killing things murderously in blood lust. They get off on it. I have seen these killers in the surf hunting those damn greasy penguins.

Mind you, I am not a fan of fish eating penguins either, not that I do not think they should not be eating fish, but because like coots, they stink like fish. Fish don't stink like fish until you cook them, but the things that eat fish, stink like fish before you cook them. Ever eaten an Eskimo? Stinks like fish. If I want fish smells, I will eat pikes and things. Otherwise I like fish stink as much as Ben Franklin liked visitors around after 3 days.

So you got these sea lions, just ........acting like Obama trolls or Jeb Bush in Megyn Kelly, Rand Paul and Ben Carson......throw in Ted Cruz too, as he is hovering around in the surf looking to eat something...and they just get off on terrorizing those penguins.
Those penguins are terrified and just hope someone else gets ate and they go free........sort of like most of you in me, in I can get ate for your liberty while you go live it and forget it was my blood that bought it.

So these sea lions are murderous.....they just like killing things too much.

So when they got babies that are feeding on dead terrorized things, I do not care much if they got lukemia. Probably are allot of penguins in the surf saying, "Good I hope your nuts glow in the dark too you bastards!!!!"

The penguins probably did that annoying YACK YACK YACK YACK going on....another reason I hate penguins......if a bird can't sing pretty like a thrush, they got no business being in this world. Like English sparrows......vermin eaters that tweet tweet tweet.......like being around Sean Hannity on Twitter......but Homo Hannity don't eat the vermin.

Here though is what I like...............the balancer in the Orca, them killer whales.

You ever seen a killer whale in the surf? Damn they are something. They hover around in it, hide in the waves......and yeah probably eat those penguins, but they just love making sport in eating sea lions. I mean it is sport. They get them murderous bastards in close and then flip them up.......flip them around.....terrify the hell out them and then bash them.........skin them alive so they got ass skin hanging over their heads........still alive mind you...and then they flip them around some more..........because I suppose they stink like fish and nothing like stinky fish. Get you some cod, but that still ain't freshwater fish like the pikes, crappies, bluegills...rest of that fish you can just leave for them cormorants and penguins......shoot them damn things too protected by Mexican treaty.

So I like killer whales because they are the equalizer.....put a good torture on them sea lions who are in the food chain to feed killer whales. Mind you them killer whales hunt in packs and bite table size pieces of fin out whales........but I do not like to think about that, unless it is about some humper out humpin' through the surf too, and them killer whales make a mistake sometimes, and them big flukes smash the life out of things like sword fish which are real bastards too putting the sword into things.

This ain't about big whales though, but about them sea lions.........is a reason they call them lions as they got teeth and they kill things. You don't see no pictures though of Cecil the sea lion as they are in the water, and when on land they shit piles of shit which stinks like fish and shit.......even eco terrorists know enough to find an animal to make money off of that you do not smell like fish shit for a month after showering.

So that is it....it is like you are supposed to feel bad about dead baby sea lions, till you know what the hell they are........like dead baby cancer or dead Syrian invaders in the European surf. I say that if  there are no killer whales to eat these invaders that there needs to be some Fukushima radiation control going on on nations borders. Would be cheap in a good dose of Polonium or that other reactor poison that starts with a P and is radioactive.......Plutonium......you put a layer of that shit down, and it cleans out all them damn fishy smells.

I never read those above articles as I do not get suckered by animal stories, but I bet one thing is missing in those dead sea lion cubs, got that way because the food chain is toxic in their mum's milk is poison in being concentrated fish fats or penguin fats. I don't care really, as the only use I have for seals is warm coats. Best fur in the world in it is soft and it lasts better than sheep hide.

I don't think much of sheep either, and that is because they are stupid like people in the West. I do think a great deal  though about gut shooting coyotes though that eat the guts out of baby lambs. I like the idea of gut shooting coyotes in balancing things..........and, you do know that Jesus is the Lamb of God, and God did not portray him as the seal lion of God, baby or not.

That is enough of this, got to see if Facebook is on my hook to play with some more as I hate those predators too lurking in the surf and terrorizing all them little penguins which are yack yack yackin' over there.