Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wimpy Ellis Bush


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Can we just all agree on one thing as the Daily Beast has now pointed out, the Wimp factor of the Bush males is congenital, and while George W took the Wimp to Wallop, there are these realities which are Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush should just take up his real vocation in playing Wimpy on Popeye. His line to billionaires of gladly sucking dick in 2017 for a million dollars today to lose to Donald Trump is not appealing to fag lipped billionaires.

You know it is BAD, when you have two former Presidents, a barracuda like Barbara for  mother, you are a CIA  asset, and after preparing your entire life to be President, you f*cking blow it like prom night in not being able to get your dick up.......even with a suitcase full of viagra.

Honestly, I am wondering like the Obama bastard children,  if America should ask for DNA tests to see if Jeb Bush actually fathered those 3 Mexcian delinquents by his midget Mexican wife.  Jeb Bush is so limp, that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have seized the reigns from Jeb, and so have all the billionaire donors in trying to bring down Donald Trump.

Just look at Jeb's or Wimpy's disasters. He first tries to get Mr. Trump, and when he gets thumped, he scurries off and attacks Scott Walker......and loses.
Bill Krystol tries to make Jeb the focus.......and people go to sleep.
Jeb gets the media whore Megyn Kelly and faggy Rand Paul to attack Donald Trump, and it destroys them, and Bush goes down to oblivion.

No wonder the political elite and billionaires have seized the Wimpy Bush campaign, as ...........Jeb Bush makes queer guys look macho.

This all has gotten worse in the form of Jeb Bush cowardice now. Jeb will not even speak English as he is terrified Donald Trump will hear him.......but it does not any good, as Donald Trump hires people who are bi lingual and then Tweets devastating responses to Wimpy.

I mean what is Jeb Bush going to do if by some cosmic event that he ended up in 1600 Penn Avenue? Just talk Mexican at Vladimir Putin in thinking that is going to settle an issue?

Perhaps Wimpy Jeb will promote the Hamburger Doctrine of abandoning Europe for a hamburger today and paying Putin for it in lives tomorrow.

This is difficult for me as I like George W. Bush. He did a very good job as President with all the coups and cartel terrorism he was faced with, including Hillary and Barack. I like Laura Bush.......I can't stand their bratty liberal daughters, and dislike what HW did to Ronald Reagan's legacy and Americans, but there comes a time, that the real man in the Bush family, step up and have a  conversation like this:



"Look little brother, I understand you are not up to being President as you are a failure at running for President. This is America not Mexico. You are dealing with Americans not Mexicans. It is just like when I kept saving you from bullies as a kid. Now I just have to save you from yourself. You stabbed me in the back in saying I was wrong, but I am your big brother and I tolerate you, so here is what you are going to do.
You are going to do something you are qualified for.........ah not raising children, not having sex with normal sized women.....not politics or industry.......being a man.........but we will find something you are qualified for, and you are going to get out of this race before you destroy dad's and my legacy.
I mean brother, we blew up Iraq twice and all you keep doing is blowing yourself.....and not in a good flexible way.
Say adios Jeb and I will turn the lights out when you leave."

That is the worst of it. Jeb Bush is no George W. Bush, and he is not even up to the level of wimp factor of the old man. Babs straightened the old man out, but this midget is so bent she never inspired Jeb to braver things.

Jeb Bush is the Wimp Factor of the Bush family. He is a shame to that dynasty which has destroyed so many good Conservatives like George Allen, so  this could all be served up for Jeb, who never was up to winning it himself.
Maybe if this was a monarchy, Jeb could have got the crown on his head before it fell off an broke. The problem with Jeb Bush is that he is groveling toward the Presidency, hiring other bullies to try and bully Donald Trump, and standing around trying to look innocent, when he is just a wimpy kid.......like the kid who walks up and kicks the bigger kid who is fighting another kid.

The reality is we now have WEB Bush and not Jeb Bush. It is dishonorable to use the name of James Edward Brown Stewart, the brave Confederate General, when you are such a Jeb Bush Wimp.

Just toot up the Popeye theme for Jeb, roll out the hamburger stand, and like Bruce Jenner, let Jeb have his mex change and become what he was born to be, Wimpy Bush.

A Jeb who can not handle Donald Trump out of the White House is not a Jeb who can handle Vladimir Putin in the White House. That is a Wimp with a capital W.