Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Does Jeb Bush have a Brain Tumor?

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If people need to be reminded, this blog noted awhile back that something seemed amiss with Jimmy Carter in he was "off". Granted he got the cancer gun treatment, but all the same, I noted something amiss as other had when Obama was still alive, that not all was well in those people.

Numbers of people have posted photos of Jeb Bush in noting he looks mentally retarded. Salon posted a story which was incoherent, but it too took a jab at Jeb Bush in being as dumb as his idiot brother.
I though am not looking to dance on Jeb Bush's grave in this, but ask people to compare the above photos as proof they can see for themselves, that Jeb Bush is not the same facial structure which he was just a few short years ago.
You will notice that his big brother, President George W. Bush is the same person, as most people are.

Sincerely in this, someone has to have had major facial reconstruction surgery to have the strange and misshapen facial features which Jeb Bush has, or there is something wrong behind that face, and that diagnoses that Jeb Bush has something wrong in his brain.

To examine if Jeb Bush had cosmetic surgery, one notes that he has the same saggy jowls, cheek bones, and nose. His brow is furrowed with age as are other features in an aged male. His eyes though have changed, to almost appearing like the old Japanese characters with coke bottle glasses or for a more modern character of Seinfeld in his comic routine wearing thick glasses.
The problem is, Jeb Bush does not have thick glasses.

I happened upon a documentary on PBS years ago, of an elderly woman who was suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's Disease. It was a starting progression in a study of how the facial features of "who we are" are dependent upon the emotions we generate and keep the nerves in our face contracted all the time. Without thought of who we are, our faces begin to sag, and we literally do not look like the people we were.

You do not have to be an Irish floozie divorced from a Cuban and still traveling with the band to see the I Love Lucy on the wall, that when the signs do not point to cosmetic surgery for Jeb Bush, then the answer must be somewhere in his brain in the effect is there.

I do not know Jeb Bush's medical history. I do know that as Donald Trump has noted, that Jeb Bush is extremely low energy. He is no energizer rabbit and can not keep up with Mr. Trump's energy. He stands on the debate stage as this blog has noted like a statue waiting for pigeons to poop on him. These are all outward clues that Jeb Bush is suffering from something which is causing this in his brain.

There is either a medication or a narcotic he is taking manifesting this. There is either a tumor pressing in his brain which is affecting his facial expression and energy, or, Jeb Bush is suffering from early stages of dementia which is causing this altering effect.

Everyone can see by the above photos that something is wrong with Jeb Bush. Salon in typical left wing fashion sees that idiot expression which Jeb Bush now carries everywhere, and immediately focuses on the slur that Jeb Bush is dumb as his brother George. You will note that George W. Bush's expressions and facial structures have not changed one bit, and he is older than Jeb.
That leaves the very touchy subject of the reality that Jeb Bush needs to have a thorough medical evaluation to ascertain why we are all witnessing this unnatural contortion of his face, as he honestly looks like the bats in the belfrey uncle people used to keep in the attic, as Jeb Bush looks constantly dazed and confused.

The larger questions is billion dollar donors and those events in 2016, of the Republican choosing a candidate and America a President. It is not going to be fair to Republicans if Jeb Bush starts drooling on stage with Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, or for that matter sounding like Joe Biden, because something is not functioning in the brain correctly. We do not need to hear Jeb Bush when asked a question of dealing with Vladimir Putin to hear, "You know Putin is a threat. I know this because I talked to my toes this morning as I always do and they tell me all sorts of things before going to the market. I have my toes all named you know after Mexican cities..........."

That kind of event in primaries would be an upheaval, but that happening after one occupies 1600 Penn Avenue is a meltdown, as what would ensue then? America would have Columba the Mexican running America in the same way Mrs. Wilson had illegally seized America when Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke and his main function in life was drooling  as the wife read his thoughts.

This is something which I am not putting out as satire, a rumor, of something to assist Donald Trump, now that the blog has decided to support him fully, due to all of his issues, but his tax plan is exactly what America needs to resurrect from the Obama Abyss. It is something that all of us can see, and has been noted in low energy to people noting the idiot expression on Jeb Bush's face, which was not there previously.
This issue has to be answered, as something is not right with Jeb Bush, and that makes it an issue, because this Obama world in meltdown does not need someone degrading to a vegetable with the economy destroyed, Mr. Putin growing stronger and these Obama terrorists riding the 3rd world invasion into the heart of Western Civilization.

There appears now to be reason for Jeb Bush's rather insane flip flops, in loving brother George now in Iraq and hating him before in Iraq........Jeb now saying polls do not matter.........Jeb liking Mexican anchor babies and hating Asian anchor babies...........Jeb now not liking multi culturalism when he is married to a Mexican and does nothing but try to be Mexican in giving speeches in Spanish.
Maybe Jeb Bush was not lying when he said he gave that answer in Spanish to a "Latin kid in school" when Donald Trump called him on it, and corrected it was to a reporter. Maybe Jeb Bush's mind is deteriorating and that is the way his brain dysfunction remembered it all.

The signs are there in something is wrong with the mental capabilities of Jeb Bush. This can no longer be ignored and must be part of the campaign, before it becomes a 3 AM issue with China invading Alaska, Iran nuking Jerusalem, Obama ISIS nuking New York, the Stock Market going to zero, or Russia annexing Germany.

Jeb Bush needs to come clean in his medications, a full medical examination to ascertain what is causing these effects, and it does include a psychological evaluation to probe whether this might not just be a tumor, but something a psychiatrist would attempt to deal with as the pressure is too much for him.

Nuff said