Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg robbing the Poor


As another exclusive in matter anti matter.

How much money would be enough money for you?

If you were a Godless, insane Obama follower, who espoused like nation rapist, Warren Buffett, paying more in taxes, how much more would you pay if you were a billionaire?

Would you be like Donald Trump in working for the American people as President for one dollar, or would you seek to fleece the poor?

This article is about Mark Zuckerberg, the grande importer of Mexican invaders, pro sodomite, pervert and Obama comrade in all that apostasy, but the greater focus in this is the 1 Percent Mortgage Mark Zuckerberg has on his mansion, or mansions.

One must first understand the context of Mark Zuckerberg. One mansion in Palo Alto was not enough, as Zuckerberg lives just 3 miles from his NSA funded terror intelligence group called Facebook.
In Silicon Valley, Zuckerberg bought 4 other mansions as his compound was not big enough, so he owns basically an entire base now.

This fenced base cost around 30 million dollars in the buy up properties, plus varying reports that he spent 5.95 million to 7 million on the first mansion where he rules with China Doll minder, Prissy Chan.

For those who would espouse the Limbaugh creed of richer the better and the rich can do whatever they want with their money to some Obama wacko like Buffett who talks about paying more in  taxes, there is something never addressed in this, and that is how spending almost 40 million on an armed base robs the poor.

It all goes back to the 1% mortgage or loan which is a sweetheart deal, like all the elite get, while you get stuck paying the high interest rates. For those dolts who need this explained, a bank does not have limitless money to loan. There are issues in fractal lending where a bank must according to Federal Deposit Insurance Regulations obey certain monetary laws, and one is they must have a percentage of assets on hand, in order to lend money to others.
To make this simple as of January 2014, American banks must adhere to these rules:

  • Of less than $13.3 million have no minimum reserve requirement;
  • Between $13.3 million and $103.6 million must have a liquidity ratio of 3%;
  • Exceeding $103.6 million must have a liquidity ratio of 10%.

As Zuckerberg is in Silicon Valley it would be a high roller bank of more than 100 million dollars in transactions, which means that for every 100 million in loans, the bank must have on deposit 10 million dollars in reserves.

So you comprehend the Zuckerberg robbing of the poor, for his 40 million dollar low interest loan, he is paying 400,000 dollars per year to the bank, which sounds like a great deal of money, but the banking loaning you the money would be making 2 million dollars.
Bear with me as I explain this, in this sweetheart deal, means the bank is making up for those lost revenues by charging you higher rates, and charging you for bounced checks, lost cards etc...
In addition to this, Zuckerberg is taking that 40 million which he never spent on those mansion, and has it invested in the markets, where it is earning 5%, meaning 2 million dollars a year, which is dividends corporations pay, and charge you the consumer as operating expense in the price of your Coke or Charmin.

This compounds more in Zuckerberg robbing the poor, in when you need a loan, 40 million dollars worth of currency are not available to people who need homes not mansions, need a work car not a limo, need to fix their kids teeth and not fly off to some Obama pedophile island for vacation.......and you have to buy food as Zuckerberg takes that money he is robbing from you, and buys politicians to own you and make your lives hell.

This is how Mark Zuckerberg robs the poor and is such a soulless fuck that none of this even occurs to him, and he would not give a damn if it did, because a multi billionaire set up by Homeland to run a spyware sit called Facebook, needs to rob another 2 million from the poor, as their children have rotten teeth and they are driving around with worn tires endangering their lives.

That is what makes me want to puke every time I see this Mark Zuckerberg posing with that 7 year  old imp grin of a geektard, who like the Obama daughters yucking it up in New York on the taxpayer bill as 94 million Americans are out of work, are just pure ivory  tower Nazi Twatzikas.
They are like the Jewish elders toasting the Nazis in Germany as they sold their ghetto people to be slave labor in concentration camps as they drank the champagne.

You never hear these realities about Mark Zuckerberg or any of these richtards, except on the Lame Cherry, because these mic head wealthy never tell you of their welfare programs raping your pennies from your child's piggy bank.

Mark Zuckerberg removed 40 million dollar from his local economy. He is underpaying on a loan by 1.6 million in a sweetheart deal, He is stealing from poor people in increased prices on toilet paper and soda, all so he can get another 2 million dollars a year, to add to his billions robbed from taxpayers in being set up, the spy agency Facebook.
Zuckerberg is the Biblical rich man and you are the Lazarus feeding on crumbs on the floor with the dogs.

That is the reality of Mark Zuckerberg robbing the poor and his feudal ilk.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.